U.s. Magazine Exposed The Truth Of Four Types Of Food

A long time ago, goes back to Ray Kroc also promote the milkshake blender when burgers and fries only means that a large piece of fried chicken and a flayed cut fried potatoes article. Now, these two landmark significance in the daily consumption of food, like everything we did, was given a whole new meaning. Sadly, people today like a lot of food, especially the Western-style fast food not just in the kitchen produced?? In the laboratory, they were “designed” and “perfect.”

We “eat” the matter, rather than the investigation of other things that we find ugly truth. The results of our survey is not very comfortable. There is no fear in you to enjoy premium package before the first or the following will explain a few little secrets kept in mind it. Sometimes, the truth is not so easy to accept.

Mak chicken secret: with seven or more components You probably think that painted

Bread Crumbs of fried chicken pieces to do is simple. Most of the time, on chicken, bread crumbs, and different materials. However, Mak chicken and other fast-food restaurants of similar products have more complex production processes. Mak used chicken chicken itself contains seven elements, these elements and some of them also contain more ingredients. (No, that is not chicken. It’s a chicken and had nothing to do things. It is water, wheat Starch , Glucose, safflower oil, and sodium phosphate material made. ) This “meat” also includes something called “autolysis of yeast extract,” the ingredients. Then, add another 20 kinds of ingredients in the bread crumbs. So you can enjoy this industrial chemicals has?? No, I mean “Mak chicken.” However, if the 30 chicken and Wendy Burger King ingredients and fried chicken as much as 35 kinds of components, compared McDonald’s How can they be made have been going away, “natural food”.

Wendy milkshake secret: all contain Thickener

Wendy milkshake need 14 kinds of ingredients to come up with the traditional milk shakes and ice cream can only achieve results. Then the two digits of the ingredients contain even a single really do? Almost all contain guar gum, cellulose carboxymethyl ether, and the thickener carrageenan.

Although this has been enough to lose our sense of milkshake standard qualifications, but, and fast-food restaurants new milkshake behind a long list of bulk chemical composition compared to what Wendy’s milkshake has not . For example, coffee toffee milkshake looks stirring is no problem, but after all, some Additive “Coffee syrup” and “coffee and toffee sediments.” The problem is that these two additives included a total of 25 species of other elements, there are seven Carbohydrate Material, three are oil. So conclusion is: different from the traditional syrup, “coffee syrup” should more accurately be described as a mixture. This mixture of water, high fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol, and a frequently used as food Emulsifier Electronic cigarette filter of a laxative effect posed by chemical substances. Have 10 kinds of ingredients used to form the syrup, so coffee is only apparent until the last. There are eight components do not form the list of fast food ingredients. Fort

fish secret Big Mac: Who knows what wrapped fish batter

The world’s most famous fish sandwich is the most ugly sea creatures made of. Fort Big Mac and other fast-food chain of fish sold as hamburger meat, mainly using long tail made of blue cod. This is a cold living in coastal areas of New Zealand, looks rough, the eyes of terror fish. In the past, McDonald’s £ 1,500 a year fishing the weight of the Hoki fish. Each fish paste with flour, pour the oil, spray the tartar, the last on the bread hot and wet and soft top. But this is recognized around the world seemingly Road, delicious, and other deep-fried hamburger meat, proved to be a product of human greed. New Zealand has been forced to reduce the long tail blue whiting i catch fish in order to prevent the extinction of the fish. Do not expect McDonald’s Big Mac quickly thus reducing the sales of fish and Fort. Other types of white fish, such as Alaska cod is likely to be used to fill the long tail blue cod fishing due to reduced volume of the blank.

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