The Joy of the Big Foot the Monster Toy

He is coming to your house an he is huge! Little boys an girls, get ready to meet Big Foot the Monster! He he is one of them most fun toys to be released this year. Produced by Fisher Price this lovable monster is presented alongside other Imaginext products. He is so exciting and made specially to provide many hours of fun playtime.  Your child is absolutely going to be charmed by Big Foot, in a magical way that powerfully captures little children’s hearts. With the remote control it comes with, you can bring Big Foot the Monster to life.

There are pictures that let you know what Big Foot is going to do next. He can be sad, sleepy, happy and he can get angry! He is really fun to play with, and he will actually tell you when he wants to by saying “Play”. He even knows how to throw the ball. If he burps he is going to politely say “Excuse me”, that’s how well mannered he is. Although, Big Foot throws a funny tantrum when he gets angry. You can use the remote control to make him shake and pound as he gives out a loud roar to let you know how he feels. Big Foot can also do rally cool tricks that will delight your child, such as flipping in the air.

There is a ball and a wireless remote that Big Foot the Monster comes with. A 9.6 V battery comes alongside a charger as part of the Big Foot package. You must buy the wireless remote batteries separately. Also, in case you lose any of the included items, the manufacturer sells each of them separately as well.

The Big Foot Monster chews and burps but he always makes sure to excuse himself politely. If you want to make him express amusement, by pressing his belly you get him laughing at your jokes and the things you do. He is one fun guy to spend time with.

Children are guaranteed to spend hours at a time with this lively and entertaining Big Foot toy. It retails for less than a $ 100, making in it a perfect, if not the best gift your child can get during this holiday season. How about making a birthday or another occasion extra special with this Big Foot toy. It’s amazing, when you think of all the cool things this toy can do. The amount of pleasure your kids will get from it makes it priceless. The Big Foot Monster is unmatched when it comes to the laughter and joyful giggles it can add to your child’s life. This toy will keep lighting up your child’s face over and over again. And the best thing is that children won’t get bored with it easily.  Big Foot simply has so much to offer, he will end being played with for a very long time.

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