Little Pond

There are those of us that love garden ponds and love to keep fish, but don’t necessarily have the garden to accommodate a pond. Imagination always presents us with the perfect image of a large pond with a waterfall and plenty of large fish swimming happily in their home.

So what can we do if we only have a small backyard or garden, we just won’t have room for that big pond we always imagine. A pond doesn’t have to be big, small things are just as beautiful and all though you won’t be able to keep lots of fish in a little pond you can still comfortably fit around six fish in most little ponds.

There are some great designs these days for small ponds and some of them are self contained units that look great and come complete with pump and filter, some even have waterfalls built in, these ponds are free standing so there is no digging involved, they can even be installed indoors.

If a traditional pond is more your style then there are plenty of small preformed ponds in many interesting designs or as with a larger pond you can get a pond liner if you want to design your own shape and sometimes these are better for small gardens as the only area that you may be able to accommodate a pond might mean you have to make it an unusual shape and a liner can give you that freedom.

So whether you have a large or small garden there is always room for a pond and further more it will probably be the best feature you can add to any garden. It must be time to check out all those different pond designs and get on with installing a pond in your garden, it makes for a great hobby for the whole family. So don’t let the size of your garden be an excuse not to get a pond.

There is plenty of information to soak up when you have decided to install a pond in your garden, whatever the size and Ricki has plenty of it for you Right Here. There is also a related article to this one with more information on those little ponds which you can Find Here Go on get a pond!

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