How to Start Your Own Freelancing Business – Little Things You Must Learn to Do Right From the Start

I’m sure you’ve been there before. You’re moving, shaking and making money. Not giving a thought about sanity. Then, when it comes time to doing the little things to keep your business running smoothly, you either don’t have time to do it or you blow it off for another day that never comes. After all if you have money coming into the business, why deal with the tedious work?

While it may be not desirable for you to worry about the things that do not directly make your business money, it may cost you big time in the long run. Here are a couple of things you must do from the beginning to make sure your business has a solid foundation.

The first thing I would like to discuss with you is tracking your expenses correctly. If you do not track your business expenses you could be throwing out your hard earned money. When tax time rolls around, you and your accountant will be glad you did. That’s because some of your expenses may be tax deductable.

An easy way to track your expenses is to take any receipt you get and place it in a folder. Then set a time once a week to go through that folder and add them to your accounting software. I usually do mine on Sunday morning for an hour or too. It works well for me.

Secondly, you should keep detailed customer records. Remember, freelancing is about building relationships with your clients so they come back to you and give you more work. So it’s important to keep pertinent information about them so you can market your services to them again.

For example, you can keep the basic demographic information (name, address, phone and email). Keep in mind, customers like it and start trusting you when they realize you know about their business. You should keep notes of the projects you completed for them. This way when you follow up you are well informed when you set


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