Christian Articles Teach on Protecting Your Thoughts

Christian articles are available which provide foundational truths on protecting your thoughts. Your thoughts are an entryway to your mind and your mind must be guarded in order to experience freedom from sin and sickness. Learning to aggressively guard your thought life is crucial to developing a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.


Christian blogs provide believers with truths that assist them in protecting their thought life. Your thoughts are the first entrance way to your belief system, your behavior, your choices and ultimately your lifestyle. Christian articles such as “Guarding the Gates” provide critical truths from a mature work and compassionate leader who cares about what concerns you. Learning to aggressively guard your thought life will move you into a new level of freedom in Christ. Unhealthy thoughts create unhealthy speech, which create unhealthy actions. The Bible states that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The first level of maturity is to gain control over your thought life. Gaining control in this area of your life will result in victory in all areas of your life.

Christian articles and Christian blog sites provide essential truths that bring breakthrough in the lives of believers. Connecting through the Internet provides believers with tools that they can use in their everyday life. Developing healthy thought patterns will result in healthy choices and healthy relationships which will result in a lifestyle of living the promises of God. The entrance way to your heart is through your mind. You must learn how to guard the gates to your mind as they are the entrance way to your heart which is where the issues of your life flow out of. (Proverbs 4:23) KJV”Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it [are] the issues of life”.

Learning through a Christian article to aggressively and actively guard the gates of your mind will result in health, financial success, peace, joy, and all the other promises available through Jesus Christ. Overcoming sinful habits, wrong thoughts, sickness, depression, and defeat in your life is possible through the assistance of a grace blog such as, “Guarding the Gates”.

Christian blog sites are a helpful tool for walking in the victorious lifestyle that is available through Jesus Christ. Getting free of sin and living a life of purity and righteousness is only possible as you learn to control your thought life. Your freedom is directly tied into your thought life. You must learn to guard the gates of your mind in order to accomplish the will of God in your life. Mature believers provide helpful and practical truths on protecting your thought life and removing negative thoughts and nagging sinful tendencies.


A grace blog is written specifically to provide believers with tools that will allow them to experience the triumph and victory available in Christ Jesus. Christian articles such as “Guarding the Gates” provide insightful truths that will impact your life for the better. Put a stop to harmful habits that are destroying relationships and creating negative patterns in your life by putting a stop to negative thoughts. Lot was vexed by the sin that he saw. We too are vexed by the sin that we see and the constant thoughts that bombard us. We must learn to protect our mind and conquer these thoughts in order to achieve the victory that is only available through Jesus Christ. There are many promises and blessings that are available for us but we cannot achieve them unless our thought patterns are lined up with those promises; read Christian articles that promote maturity and growth in your spiritual life. is an excellent source for Christian articles and is designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith. Author Bump Lumpkin delivers a fresh perspective through his creative use of the Christian article


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