Why Little Girls Love Big Dresses

Putting on my big dress, big dress, big dress, putting on my beautiful dress. Cause when I wear my big dress, big dress, big dress, I can be anything I want. Those are the opening lyrics of the Big Dress song.

And thats the way it is from a little girls point of view. When shes playing dress up, the world of possibilities is opened up wide. In her imagination, she can be anything she wants. She can be a graceful ballerina, a popular movie star, or even a princess. Especially when shes wearing a big, beautiful dress.

Little girls look up to the big girls in their lives. Whether its their sisters, aunts, mothers or their grandmothers each has something wonderful to share with the little girls in their lives. They may not communicate these things with words. But they certainly do with their actions.

Little girls absorb everything they see. Its only natural that they want to emulate everything they think is cool or special about those big girls. Big sister may already be wearing lipstick so little sister wants to follow her lead. A fashionable aunt wears her sunglasses on her head so little niece copies her look. Mom may let her pre-teen wear a cast-off fancy dress, as her daughter imagines shes at the same sophisticated party that her mom wore it to. Grams might have a long scarf that she likes to swing around her neck, so little grand-daughter drapes a dress-up feather boa around hers. Those are all simple little mimicries but they are more important than they might seem. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but it is also the imitators unconscious way of figuring out exactly who they are and how they want to portray themselves to others.

When I wear my big dress, big dress, big dress, I can be anything I want. Those words mean a lot to a little girl. There are so many possibilities in life for girls these days. They might choose a vocation of doctor and lawyer. A girl can choose the engineering profession designing anything from skyscrapers to windmills. In this day and age, she can truly be anything she wants.

But in all of these possible futures, girls never stop being little girls inside their hearts. From the pre-school days of playing dress up, to the latest fashion at the senior prom, and on to the ultimate dress-up day with brides and bridesmaids, big girls will never give up their love of wearing a big dress.

Share the Big Dress animated music video with a special little girl in your life. She will love the song. It can be viewed on the Big Dress page at Sybrina’s website.

Sybrina wrote the Big Dress song after watching her grand daughters playing dress up one day. The song captures the joy a little girl feels when she’s pretending in a big dress. The animated video for the song can be viewd at http://www.sybrina.com/index_BigDress.htm.

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