Have An Authentic Italian Dinner

Apart from fashion, literature and the arts, the world can give thanks to Italy for smooth Italian wines, chocolate, leather, and pasta dishes that are loved the world over. As a tribute to the taste of Italians, whether in dining or in fashion, here is some quick information about an Italian dinner. Full of flavor, variety, and freshness, Italian dinners are healthy and satisfying and are best enjoyed with the company of friends and loved ones.

An Italian dinner usually has the following courses in it the antipasto or appetizer, the Primo Piatto or first course, Secondo Piatto or entre, cheese and dessert, digestive liquor, and every single authentic Italian meal should be concluded with wine.

The antipasto or appetizer is meant to be eaten so the chef can have ample time to prepare the first course, and keep the guests busy with the small portions of food being served. Remember that these food choices will not make the guests feel full. Thus, it is best to serve small portions of grilled vegetables, cheese or pesto dips with bread, a light salad composed of tomato and mozzarella, or canaps and ragouts. These small portions are packed with flavor, making the guests look forward to more and without making them full at the same time.

The first course traditionally should either be a serving of pasta, soup, or risotto but these are again served in smaller portions than you normally would. White or red pasta sauces, and flavorful risotto recipes can be served and remember to keep the plate colorful by placing herbs such as parsley as garnishing.

The second course is the heavier meal as meat, poultry or any protein-rich dish can now be served. It should be made complete of course with a vegetable siding and salad dressed with light dressing. All the protein content of the meal should be enough and no heavy cream should be added to the salad so keep the dressing light.

The cheese and dessert pairing are both produce of Italy that they are proud of. To help break down the protein and the three serving of food already served, the cheese and dessert should be prepared so the stomach will not feel heavy all throughout.

Italian coffee can be served to help digest the food. This digestive liquor still complements the rich flavors of the food in the menu.

And lastly, a great choice of Italian wine can be used and of course, do not forget to raise those glasses up as you cheer for good health and long life.

What is important in food preparation for Italians is the freshness of ingredients, and of course, a serving of their beloved wine. Pair it with a great conversation, add up great friends, and you are in for a great dinner that can bring you halfway around the world. The Italians do know how to appreciate good cooking, and as they say before the start of a meal, Bon Apptit, and be ready for a great experience.

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