The Law Of Attraction – Thoughts

Our minds can be compared to a garden. Like a garden our minds can be fertilized, watered and weeded or we can let them become overgrown and wild. If we plant good health seeds in our garden, water them, keep them fertilized they will grow into very useful, beautiful plants. If we neglect this garden the seeds will produce very little that will be usable.

In the same way we would take care of a garden to produce the things we wanted and needed we most also do the same with our thoughts. If we allow constant negative thoughts, thoughts that criticizes others and thoughts that are self defeating we will not live to our potential. If instead we cultivate thoughts that are uplifting, always find the positive in others and keep a forward thinking positive attitude, we will create an abundance of what we are seeking in our life’s.

We are the master of our mind (the gardener) and must constantly be watching for negative, unproductive thoughts. You probably know that thoughts become reality, everything comes first from thought. The enlightened yogis say that the material world is nothing more then thought that has become dense. With this in mind I hope you see how important it is to cultivate positive, uplifting thoughts. Nothing less then your happiness, success and dreams depend on it.

Your thoughts will determine the person you become. Every person is exactly where he should be by the law of attraction based on his thoughts. The persons thoughts have brought him to where he now stands in life. This is not by chance that a person is where he is, it is entirely brought about by the law of attraction from the persons thoughts. The law of attraction does not make mistakes in the same way gravity does not make mistakes, it works in perfect balance.

We are constantly being presented with circumstances that seem like they are outside our doing. We need to realize that we are the gardeners and we are the ones who created the thoughts that brought about these circumstances. Remember the law of attraction works perfectly and will at some point bring about the situation you now face.

The question that always comes up is how to stop these negative self defeating thoughts. There are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest ways is to replace them with a positive uplifting thought. First you must train yourself to watch and recognize the negative thoughts. When you see a negative, unwanted thought coming, interrupt it by saying to yourself something like “I am a positive, strong, foreword thinking person”. The saying can be anything you like that fits with your personal taste. The important things is to keep the thought saying positive and uplifting. With a little practice this will become second nature to you and you will see the life you live and the circumstances presented to you changing.

Paul has been a hypnotherapist for 13 years. He has been practicing meditation since 1994. A trained yoga and meditation teacher. His site can be found at Hypnosis Review Quarterly. For information please visit Laws of Attraction or Spiritual Laws

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