8 Steps to Lead a Happy Life

Happiness is a feeling. It’s a feeling when you have a meaning and purpose in life. It is all about doing something worthy, something that gives you joy. Below are 8 tips to show you the way to cloud nine.

1. Live for Yourself

When you start living for yourself and happy with whom you are, you start creating positive results. Do not be defined by your roles, you may be a mother, a daughter, an employee and more but end of the day, you still need to be happy. You cannot be anyone else but yourself.

2. Be Flexible

Life is always changing and evolving. Nature plays by her own rules. If you think about it, you cannot stay the same forever. So, when a life changing incident happens, be ready to make some adjustments in your lifestyle of ways of your thinking instead of wasting time worrying. For all you know, the change may be for the better.

3. Have a Happy Meal

Eat more happy foods, which contain natural mood-boosting tryptophan and tyrosine. These include milk, chicken, turkey, bananas and leafy greens. Stressful foods to avoid include white bread, processed foods that contain preservatives and coloring.

4. Be Kind

One kind act begets another, not forgetting good mental health. Whether it is visiting an old folks’ home or cooking for your neighbors, doing acts of kindness put things in perspective and can make you feel better about yourself and circumstances.

5. Simplify Your Life

That includes setting realistic goals for you. Do things that are within your scope, strengths and talents. Overachievers tend to fail themselves in the end. Also learn how to say no. Simplifying also constitutes simplifying your life by not carrying any baggage. You cannot change your past or predict the future, so why worry about it? Learn to accept, let go and move on, live for today.

6. Fake It Till You Feel It

Angry at your boss or husband? Why not make him a cup of tea? Our actions determine our feelings. If you are felling down, act cheery and soon enough, you will feel better. Try smiling when you are sad or stimulate a laugh. I can assure you your mood will change for the better in no time.

7. Take a Time Out

Everyone has a limit. You are asking for trouble if you overdo it. Get an early night, go away for the weekend, take the day off, watch your favorite movie, and pamper yourself with a spa treatment, take 15 minutes to enjoy the nature, read a good book – these are just some of ways to de-stress yourself. Listen to your body; stress usually manifests itself in physical aches and pains.

8. Embrace Adversities

Don’t look at challenges in a negative light. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is through adversities that you learn to overcome and rise above it all. And once we overcome it, we will be feeling happy always.

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