Cheap But Healthy Food

Here’s an anecdote told by Former US President George Bush: “I do not like broccoli. I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. I’m President of the United States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli!” Truth to tell, most kids do hate to eat broccoli and not enough cajoling from stressed parents could make them eat the greenest of vegetables. Unfortunately, the worldwide financial crisis also affects what people eat in more ways than one.

Nowadays, with the financial crisis continuing, budgets are really tight-from governments, businesses, companies, charity organizations, and even households. For employees with regular payroll, when the budget is stretched to the limit, they could count on a cash til payday loan against their salaries. Short term loans like these could really help them augment their income, particularly when there are money emergencies to deal with that are outside the household budget, such as car repairs, medical bills, and other food expenses. Today, it is easy and safe to get faxless payday loans online because there are many reputable websites that offer financial services.

However, when it comes to food expenses, even with a tight budget, it is not advisable to cut down the money for food, more importantly, when the food is for a family with growing kids. It is better to save on petrol or energy bills and make little adjustments to the family’s lifestyle in order to cut back expenses from such things, but never on food. When families lessen their food intake because of money troubles, it would not be long before medical bills start piling up, too. The best way to maximize the food budget is to choose wisely, the food bought and consumed. Picking the right food is not just wise budgeting but also adds to a healthy diet that could protect the family from heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and even depression. There are certain inexpensive but nutritious foods that protect people from the range of disease mentioned. The key is knowing those foods, why they work, and how the average Australian could practice healthy eating at home. And guilt-free, of course.

There are several general principles on eating healthy. The first is to eat fresh food. Sometimes picking fresh food instead of processed products can be a bit expensive but people should think of it as an investment to their health. The old saying, eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, is true because eating healthy would lessen the possibility of falling ill to debilitating diseases or even the common virus such as the flu. Secondly, get sugar from whole foods like fruits and whole grains. Instead of drinking sodas and sports drinks, try fresh, home-made orange juice. For snacks, busy employees could bring a banana to work to munch on or any kind of berries. Lastly, get salt from natural and unprocessed sources like fish. Low sodium in the food intake would decrease high blood pressure, and at the same time, provide natural vitamin D and omega-3 fats to help in preventing depression.

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