Evaluating Home Exercise Gyms? Here Are Some Exercises With Bodylastics Resistance Workout Bands

If you are still trying to decide which home strength training equipment system to purchase, perhaps the following examples of how to perform some basic exercises with the Bodylastics home exercise gyms system will be of assistance in your evaluation process.

Bodylastics, complete portable exercise equipment based on resistance workout bands, is relatively inexpensive at $ 44.95 for beginning and casual exercise enthusiasts and $ 54.95 for more advanced users. For most of the fitness band exercise, a door anchor is used to which the fitness resistance bands are attached. Each band has a different resistance level and can be used in combination to create the desired level of difficulty for each exercise. Let’s look at a couple examples.

Upper Arm Muscles – Place the door anchor over the top of the door then close the door. Attach the resistance workout bands with the handles to the door anchor and then place a chair facing the door. To work the arm muscles, grip the handles attached to the bands and pull down to the front of your body, and side, or behind the head. Another method, which is very similar to using free weights, can be done without the door anchor. Simply stand upright with the center of the resistance workout bands under the feet. Then pull the handles to the front or the sides.

Legs – Place the door anchor underneath the door. Close the door and then attach the resistance workout bands to the ankle straps, which should then be connected to your ankles. Again, the particular fitness band selection, or combinations of bands, will determine how strenuous the exercise. The hamstrings can be exercised by facing away from the door and lying on your stomach and then curling your feet up to your buttocks. The front leg muscles can be exercised by standing and facing the door and then lifting the leg to the side and back. If you have balance problems, a chair can be leaned on for support.

The above examples give you a pretty good idea for basic usage of the Bodylastics home exercise gyms. The number of exercises and body areas that can be toned are practically limitless – the Bodylastics site mentions 140 specific ones. In my opinion, the Bodylastics system offers an ideal way to get started exercising. It is inexpensive, has a money back satisfaction guarantee, is guaranteed to produce results, and can be considered as completely portable exercise equipment with its 2# compact carry all. Because exercising takes self-discipline, particularly when at home alone, Bodylastics may be just the modest relatively risk-free investment you want to make while you are evaluating your desire for exercise. If you make the decision this type of exercise is for you, then the Bodylastics home exercise gyms may be all you every need.

As a prostate cancer survivor with a 1996 diagnosis that called for a survival maximum of five years, the author has found exercise a vital requirement in keeping the disease at bay. Until recently, I have used a gym membership. This review is part of the author’s continuing search for alternative exercise programs that may be more time and/or money efficient. See bodylastics-reviews for more information, or go to http://www.bodylastics-reviews.com

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