Difference Between A Cv And A Resume

The three main differences between the CV and the resume are in content, length and what they are used to accomplish. A good resume is to be no longer than a page and a CV (Curriculum Vitae) can be up to two full pages in length. The resume is based on your ability to briefly impart information in a clear and concise manner; the CV is about presentation of information and details.

The CV includes things like a complete summary of your educational experiences. It encompasses your education, job skills and some of the life skills that make you a good candidate. In the United States the CV used mainly for obtaining positions that are in the education, scientific or research fields. It is also a very important part of any grant application.

If you are planning to apply for a position in the countries of Far East, Asia, Africa and anywhere in Europe you will need a CV. They use this form of application process more than any other form. Let us compare what you will be expected to include in each.

Curriculum Vitae
The CV is an accounting of your complete educational history. The Latin Word literally means, “term of life” and this paper will be just that. It is a lot more detailed and allows you to include parts of your history that are considered irrelevant in Resume writing. Like the resume your information should be in reverse chronological order. Listing the latest achievements first.

The use of subheadings in a CV is almost always the best way to organize the information. This allows the reader to quickly look over the document and get straight to what is of the most interest to them. The layout and language should be easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate.

When you write a CV it should go something like this:

*Profile or objectives – statement of introduction and purpose
*Education – schools, courses, academic awards and dates
*Qualifications – this can be special training received and other certifications that have a direct bearing on the job you are applying for
*Skills – any training on equipment or other achievements that will make you a more valuable employee

*Summaries of your career path – this should be as detailed as possible, answer the who, what , when , where and how of the jobs you held formerly

The Resume

A resume is much shorter though it includes much of the same information only in less detail. A resume can be tailored to include only the information relevant to the job that you are currently applying for. The general organization of the resume is somewhat similar to that of the CV. They usually are focused more so on your skills and job histories. They are more apt to paint the writer in a more one-dimensional role than a CV.

Resumes can be either of the following:


The different types can be used to present the same information to different possible employers. Practice making your CV and keep it handy and updated. You never know when it will be the perfect tool to land you the job of your dreams.

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