Why I Love a Home Gym

Its true that modern gyms are awesome. With so many great facilities and with the latest machines and equipment the steep memberships fees are almost worth it. The real problem with joining a local gym is not really the quality of the facility or even the steep membership fees. It all comes down to convenience. The ability to work out when you want and for how long you want – in the convenience of your own home is priceless.

Back in the day a home gym was very rudimentary. With a half stable bench in the garage and a couple of loose dumbbells many guys had to make do. Today it’s a different story. With home gym machines becoming more and more popular its also become more sophisticated. While your local gym has a great variety of equipment, your home gym machine can now combine several of those machines in a single machine.

Home gym machines are compact, versatile and affordable. The fact that you can get so much variety in your workout from a single machine means you get a very thorough workout. I’ve never felt that the quality or intensity of the workouts were inferior in any way. In fact, because you don’t have to wait for machines or make slow transitions, you tend to get a much more intense workout. Because you can do it at home, you also have less pressure on you in terms if time.

While your local gym has machines that are primarily designed to withstand the robust “man handling” of gym members, home gym machines are more focused on the quality of exercise. Many now use alternatives means of resistance which reduces the inertia (compared to weight plates) and this reduces injury and maximizes the effectiveness of the workout.

As the technology advances its only getting more compact, more versatile and more sophisticated. Many of the latest machines will make the machines in your local gym look like museum pieces. Regardless of all the benefits, I believe that home gym machines can give you a superior workout – in the comfort of your own home.

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