Guide to have a Positive Thoughts

It is big challenge to keep a solid positive attitude about life since there are many uncontrolled intrusive negative thoughts flood the conscious mind affecting our motivation and enthusiasm for life. Now there is a good way to improve this situation.



In order to appreciate how it is possible to reclaim control over one’s mind and one’s life it becomes necessary first to recognize and accept that one’s conscious mind is not completely under one’s control.


Yes, I know that what you just read is akin to declaring one’s self insane but this is not my point at all. Rather it is an admission of one’s true situation and in its admission helping to facilitate a new awareness of one’s state of mind as well as creating an opportunity for a greater sense of self control. In order to make this clearer and more palpable I offer you the following exercise:


Place one hand over your Heart and as if you are speaking quietly to yourself from there sincerely say the following statements if they resonate with you:


1. I do not want any negative intrusive thoughts floating through my mind ever.

2. I did not create such negative thoughts and I renounce any beliefs I may hold unconsciously that suggest they were generated by me.

3. I desire clarity and peace of mind above all for my conscious mind.

4. I want to have greater clarity about the true source of these negative thoughts that I observe floating through my mind.

5. I want the source of such thoughts to be purged from within me recognizing that whatever lies I may have chosen to believe as to their usefulness to be erased from my unconscious mind now.


Now focus on the region in and around your Heart and notice how you feel there. You may have begun to experience some or all of the following: a sense of peace, calmness, joy, confidence, contentment, lightness, strength, optimism, clarity and so on. If you like any of this kindly affirm this to yourself via your Heart and it will only grow stronger.


Now I ask you to notice to what extent the following statement resonates with you in your Heart:


All negative intrusive thoughts not only did not come from you their sole purpose is to rob you of your Life Force Energy thereby killing you.


If that resonates with you then simply affirm that to yourself via your Heart and you will begin to feel a growing sense of empowerment.


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