Pulse Ox in the Gym

Gyms throughout the United States have learned of a new technology that makes it much easier for trainers and gym goers alike to monitor their pulse rate and oxygen level. These are very important vital gyms for athletes, because they have a direct correlation to the effectiveness of the workout and the level of health of the athletic. What is this revolutionary tool? It is a pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox for short.

A pulse oximeter is currently widely used in hospitals, clinics, and by various medical professionals, but in recent time a new technology has arisen which is allowing for the average individual at home to own one. The original pulse ox was found at the hospital and sold for thousands of dollars, but these new finger pulse oximeters are pocket size and are sold for under $ 100. They various in features, which depends on price, but the main functions of oxygen saturation level, pulse rate, and perfusion index are always there.

Personal trainers all over agree that a pulse ox in their tool kit is a great addition. They can now easily and accurately measure a client’s pulse rate with confidence, and even teach their clients the meanings of different pulse rates in accordance to their exercises. Landon Medical is the leading innovator in this new breakthrough technology. They have pulse oximeters that start for under $ 40.

Landon Medical pulse oximeters are the number one selling pulse oximeters in the United States. They offer a 2 year warranty, and come with a lanyard, carrying pouch, and batteries. A Landon Medical pulse ox is a standard for most nurses in the United States. Over the years it is becoming a household name. The industry has other companies that sell pulse oximeters, but Landon Medical pulse oximeters are what set the bar for quality.

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