Need A Second Income? 5 Step Plan To Start Writing Articles Today

Everyone needs a second income, just in case. The money you earn writing articles will see you over financial troubles. It can mean the difference between bare survival and maintaining your standard of living after being made redundant or bereaved.

You can write for Demand Studios and Constant Content if you are looking for upfront payment. These sites pay between $ 15 and $ 100 for an article, but they do have pretty tough standards that you have to pass.

Most of your writing should be for sites like and other revenue share sites. These give you at least a half of the advertising income from around your articles. You continue to earn that income as long as your articles are on the website, even if you stop writing.

Every article gives you a link back to your own website, so you should set up your own website as well. This will grow slowly, with all the links you are sending to it. You can make a post to your own site a couple of times a week, to help it to grow, too. Your own website can also earn you money from any ads you put on it.

Start today:
1.Apply to to write there
2.Apply to to write there
3.Set up your own blog at (it is free)
4.Apply for to for an Adsense account
5.Start writing

Anyone can earn money by writing articles. If you are a native English speaker, then your English standard is high enough. It is the perfect way for everyone to make an honest part-time income on the Internet.

Unemployed people could find new careers in writing. Students could reduce the size of their bank loans, or just buy extra beer by writing a few articles a week. Retirees could boost their pension just by writing one 20 minute article a day.

Philip Turner is a full-time article writer. His website Writing Paying Articles has lots of good advice about writing articles for websites.

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