Two Approaches Of Happiness

There can only be one good answer to this question and it’s “it depends!”. Do you think that it is not good enough? The level, amount of, frequency, quality of your happiness depends on the way you approach to happiness.The pursuit of happiness and the being happy are the two approaches of happiness. Let’s talk about both of these in a greater detail.

•    The pursuit of happiness is the right of every American citizen, guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence. What is pursuit? According to my dictionary pursuit is when you follow someone or something to try to catch them or an attempt to try to achieve a plan, activity or situation, usually over a long period of time. This means that when I get that promotion, I will be happy or when I get married, I will be happy, or when I move to a bigger place I will be happy. Sometime in the future. For sure not now, now I am pursuing, in the future I will be happy, it kind of makes sense, except for the fact that it is always now! And now! And again now!

•    Just being happy is a completely different kind of approach. You decide that you are happy, or even better, you uncover the happiness inside you. You take all your worries and clouded thoughts, put them away and see your happiness come to the front plan. Now you no longer have to pursue anything! You already are happy – just the way you are. Of course out of this happiness a lot of great things will come out. You are happy, so you must love your job, if you don’t, you will be happily looking for another one. You are happy so you don’t need to get married to prove anything but of course you still might. You are happy so from your positive attitude everything will be so much easier, people will be more friendly, because they will reflect your own happiness back to yourself.

So will you ever be happy?

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