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Content Management System is software to create attractive websites within short period of time. It is use to create and edit websites those who are having little bit of knowledge inweb programming language. CMS become famous due to its facilities.

Some of its facilities are


CMS templates allow three things very easily to create new content, to edit old contents and to delete the existing contents. If we know the procedures how to handle those three things, then we will become the master in handle CMS templates. There are lot of forums and blogs available to give instructions to handle those CMS templates. Each CMS have its official sites, it gives lot of instructions of handle those CMS templates.


All CMS have collections of extensions. Those are in the format of modules, plug-ins, components, Etc..,. If users need to import some modules in their websites means, Reliable extensions will help to Import desire modules. Extensions installation not takes huge time, just two or three steps enough to enable those extensions in websites. Every extension has unique rules to handle those extensions. There are lots of CMS available in market. I will take Joomla (Award winning CMS) and describe how to handle it effectively.

Joomla is a powerful Content Management Software, Lot of huge Organizations are publish and handle those sites in Joomla. Joomla is Open Source software. Due to remarkable facilities, lots of sites are republishing using Joomla now days.

Joomla is built with PHP scripting and MYSQL database, it is help to create frameworks effectively and more attractively. Joomla community will rapidly increase now a day due to queries raised by users, this community booming seems rapid increase of joomla handling all over the world.

There are lot of communities are available to handle joomla sites effectively. To create your template is in customize manner means it is easy to handle the end user, using this powerful CMS to create your attractive sites within short period of time.


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