Happiness is Not About You

I know, it seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? If you talk about happiness you are usually talking about happiness for you. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Happiness Mart. Someone discovered that if you try to hoard happiness for yourself, keep it to yourself, it doesn’t grow as well. It doesn’t stay with you as well.

However, they also discovered that when you share you happiness by beaming it into the world, it tends to stick to you better. It tends to grow stronger in you.

Looking inside is highly recommended especially as you are on your way to deep and ultimate connection to and with the Source of All That Is. But always looking inside and forgetting to make a reconnection with the incarnate world and those who dwell therein, is a recipe for, at least, a stilted life or, at worse, a really messed up life. You will notice please that all those who are considered saints by the various religions or philosophies that birthed them, did not live in caves all their lives.

They were out among the people, teaching, healing, miracle-working. Some, it is true, spent time in “caves,” away from others for the most part, to solidify their understandings about themselves and their world. Some made really deep connection with The Source of All That Is under “trees,” as did Buddha, before their worldly “careers” began. However, all those recognized as saints went into the world to be useful there. They shared what they had found within themselves with the world as the world seemed to need it in their moment, in their time.

It therefore behooves you to get out of yourself sometimes and be useful in the world. This way you will maintain and even build upon the happiness that you have within you. You will receive more substance from the world whereby you can continue to build that happiness within. It is when you give, when you share, when you are useful, that you will discover and rediscover that happiness is not about you.

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