7 Principles to Happiness

You hold the key to making this world a better place.  I have a daughter who is still young enough to be influenced by you.  How are you going to influence her?  Every single one of us can change the world, can change how the universe is affected by the actions we take.  What actions are you taking to make a difference to the world?

The following information is so valuable and so key to living that I needed to recount the principles I’ve heard great speakers like Andy Andrews and Marc Victor Hansen talk about.

1. Being Responsible – No one really understands what it means.  One side is blaming, the other is saying its not their fault.  I’ve had some tragic things happen in my younger years but I see where I made choices that led me to those very things that I didn’t want or like.  Being responsible means making better choices.

2. Seek Wisdom – I’m not talking about education.  Real wisdom is rare and comes to us by the associations we have and how closely we let it sink in.  If you invest in yourself, your time with God, your moments of creative ideas, you’ll see that the one investment you can control is yourself.  Seek wisdom with all your heart.

3. I am a person of action – If you think this is easy you are not a person of action. A butterfly can move their wings at a vibrational rate of one million flaps per second.  One man can make one move and it can make a difference in the entire world. Every single action makes a difference to everyone you know and every one around you.

4. Have a decided heart – Talking to your friends and family about your decisions before you make it, then after you make a decision is you analyze it and go back to ask if it was the right decision!  Decide what you want and go after it.

5. Choose to Be Happy – you have so much to be grateful for.  If you’ve ever traveled to different countries than you know how much you have to be grateful for. I’ve seen children pulling food out of dumpsters to eat and then being beaten by the authorities for begging to eat.  If you’ve washed your hands with clear, clean water today than you have something to be grateful for. 

If there is a huge success tip that is simple to master it’s this one.  Smile while you talk.  People can’t help but smile back at you when you are smiling at them while you talk.  Practice it! See what you look like.  This is one of the biggest secrets to success if you’re willing to choose to be happy when you talk.

6. End Each Night With a Forgiving Spirit  – You are not required to trust someone who has hurt you.  You can choose to hold on to an unforgiving heart and have your entire body, mind and spirit in collapse.  Your relationships will suffer, your business will suffer, everything will suffer.  Forgiveness brings perspective, a new perspective can bring calm, calm brings ideas and ideas bring success. All from the choice to forgive.

7. Persist Without Exception – If it were easy everyone would be doing it.  Andy Andrews made reference to when a coins drop you’ll dive to get it because anything worth going after is worth hitting a wall over.  This is proven truth.  You will never lack in money, time, leadership.  It is only ideas that you are lacking on how to acquire them.  Stay strong and persist.

These simple tips are well worth incorporating in your life.  It will bring back new life to you, not keep you dwelling on the old.  Chances are I don’t know you, but even still, I want you to have enough faith in what you are capable of doing to get you through today with confidence and joy.  If I want that for you as a total stranger, what then must you want for yourself?

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