Coping With OCD Thoughts

Coping With OCD Thoughts

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is now recognized as a very widespread condition and many specialists think that most people suffer from it to some degree or another. In most cases it is a very mild form and does not affect a person’s lifestyle. However, when the severity of the symptoms increases, getting professional help is essential. Medication and psychological treatment can usually cure, or at least contain, the severity of the condition. But a person suffering from OCD cannot leave it purely to the medication and treatment to cure him. The patient too must make a conscious effort to fight the condition. And the best way to do this is to fight OCD thoughts. OCD, at its most basic level, is an obsession with certain thoughts that staying the mind. These thoughts create a fear that if a specific item is not available or an action is not done, disaster will follow. The fear is usually so great that these OCD thoughts make a person continuously repeat the same activity again and again just to provide a feeling of security. Giving in to these OCD thoughts will only result in increasing the severity of the condition.

Ways To Fight OCD Thoughts

There are many ways to fight against OCD thoughts. They are not easy and will not cure a person of OCD. But by taking conscious steps to fight the invasion of these OCD thoughts, a patient can lower the intensity of the condition and help in treating himself.

A simple trick is to develop and image of a big, bold, red stop sign in the mind. Each time OCD thoughts begin to enter the mind, focus on the stop sign and use it as a symbol of your inner strength an ability to fight against these negative OCD thoughts.

When negative thoughts begin to enter the mind, try and focus on the positives of life – all the good things that are going on or have happened in the past. Keeping a notebook where you have noted down all the positives of your life is a good idea. When OCD thoughts begin to emerge, go through this notebook and look at the reason why fear does not make sense.

Join a support group. Being able to share your experiences will lighten your load and you will be able to learn from the experiences of others in dealing with these negative thoughts. You will also derive strength from knowing that others share your problem.

Keep yourself involved in social activities. The less isolated you are, the better you will be able to fight the OCD thoughts. Tell you family and friends of your problem and ask for their support.

Stay away from alcohol or drugs and self medication. These are short term coping mechanisms that will only serve to increase the problem.

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