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India’s lifestyle and ancient way of life is rich. India has seen a complete change in its culture as far as Indian fashion is concerned. Even though the basics of the Indian fashion are still the same there is a great influence from the western world, Modern techniques and designs are being incorporated into the Indian fashion. Unlike today in the past there were no designers that would incorporate luxuriousness into these traditional clothes. Today we have designer Indian clothes. This however brings into play the effects of the changing times. You can put on Indian styled clothes and at the same time dressing in a modern way. This won’t stop you from dressing for a function, religious festival or even dressing to show your origin. Indian clothes were mostly made of cotton during the ancient times even though silk was present it was not available to everyone. Silk was for the rich because it was expensive. This fact can be dated back to the Harappan culture. Around the Aryan era, the sari emerged as a women dress. There were both cotton and silk saris. (Wealthy women only wore silk in the ancient days.) The length of the sari ranged from five to nine yards. The sari was donned as a skirt or as a veil over the head.  The traditional way of wearing a sari is still followed however sometimes with some modifications as well; this is to catch up with modern trends in fashion.

Lots of women have commenced buying Indian style apparels today. This trend is picking up ahead in the western world, perhaps attributable to the big influence of the Bollywood film industry. From a pragmatic point of view, this movement is the consequence of cardinal causes. The first cause is that they cost less compared to every day style attires and so the monetary value of dressing up for a particular function could be made less. Secondly, since they are not yet the mainstream of the fashion business, these Indian style apparels end up bringing out a lot of attention and eye attention towards the women that put on the clothes.

Whenever you’ve bought sarees that are mostly a firm plain colour or those with easy printed designs, then you are able to change over such an uncomplicated dress to a beautiful y styled dress by supplementing a few creative handworks.
, You are able to affix a few hand sewn fancyworks or even buy humble cloth art work from a local cloth shop and sew them on yourself. Whenever you’ve a lot of patience, then you are able to sew a few lines of beads along the borders and a couple of discontinuous beads along the body and all of a sudden you’d have given new life into differently simple attire. Handwork may be more time consuming, but it will surely elevate your dress into an imperial grade all by itself.

Dr Terrence Kommal

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