End Your Negative Thoughts Today

Do you suffer from a barrage of uncontrollable and debilitating negative thoughts? Have you tried just about everything to make them stop only to have them later return with a vengeance? Well there is a good reason why they haven’t permanently disappeared. This same reason is also the answer to getting rid of them forever.

Negative thoughts, if you observe them closely as they arise in your awareness, seem to come out of nowhere. It’s almost as if your conscious mind temporarily got tuned to some bad radio station and started to pick up this unhealthy signal that disrupts your peace of mind, your ability to focus, attend and concentrate, to make clear decisions, it drains your energy and causes inordinate amounts of mental, emotional and physical stress.

Well that is not far from the truth. That radio station happens to reside in your unconscious mind. The negative signals are being generated by the storehouse of negative memories of your life that are buried there. You see the unconscious mind is the burial ground for negative unwanted emotionally unpleasant memories. Without such a burial ground these memories would constantly flood one’s conscious awareness and this would make it next to impossible to function.

There is one small problem however with attempting to simply bury negative memories; they still remain inside you and continue to exert a negative pressure and effect on you and your life. For instance they generate negative emotions, thoughts and self sabotaging behaviors that periodically waft into your life causing a disruption. These disruptions can run the gamut from a simple feeling of annoyance all the way to becoming utterly self destructive.

You see, the veil between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind is rather frail at the boundary. This means that negativity from one’s past memories can and does occasionally transgress into conscious awareness. What’s more up until recently there was little one could do to effectively deal with this.

Recent research has shown that a new coaching process can now help erase those negative memories permanently and effortlessly. What this does is it not only eliminates the “pressure” of this negativity thus reducing the threat to one’s conscious mind it also begins to make the unconscious burial ground unnecessary i.e. it makes one fully conscious, empowered and in charge of one’s self.

If you would like to learn more about how to reclaim your positive mind set by erasing negative memories kindly visit the web site below where you can also request a free introductory telephone consultation.

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