Article Marketing & Content Creation – 3 Deadly Content Creation Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Article Marketing is the fast lane to becoming a content creation machine. But first you need to get past a few common mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at 3 of the most common mistakes and what to do instead:

3 Deadly Content Creation Mistakes

Content Creation Mistake #1 – I’m not one of those people – So many people starting out on the Internet begin with a very silly notion:

I’m not going to be successful because I am not one of them.

“Them” being the people that have established a name for themselves and are already seen as successful. Almost everyone that is successful got there by beginning and working hard.

What to do instead: Begin and work hard. Find the best mentors you can afford and do what they tell you to do. Begin creating your content. When you have more time than money write an article a day. This is the path that leads to having more money than time, and then lots of money and lots of time.

Content Creation Mistake #2 – Failure to “topic-slice” – Topic slicing in the ability to look at a subject and turn it into many topics. Most people starting out look at a topic and see one article, maybe two. This is the fast track to falsely believing you have created all the content you possibly can about a topic and can do no more. The more you argue for that position the less possibility you can see.

What to do instead: Look at a topic and slice it up into several, dozens, even hundreds of smaller topics. Thinks 7 tips, 3 mistakes, 3 stages to get your ideas flowing. For example, you could look at dating and see “7 Tips for Finding the Love of Your Life” “The 3 Biggest First Date Mistakes” and “The 3 Stages of Entering a Relationship that is Bad for You.”

Content Creation Mistake #3 – Not enough – To create enough content to be successful, you have to create an enormous amount of content. Some people write a few articles, they do not experience tremendous success right away, and then they say the Article Marketing and content creation does not work.

It works great, it’s just that some people do not work hard enough.

What to do instead: I’ve often said that “an article a day keeps recession away.” And it’s true.

Now I am going to add “an article a day sends you on your way” to becoming a content creation machine.

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From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy and The Great Article Marketing Network.

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