Keeping Your Indoor Cat Content

If you are like most cat owners, you simply adore your precious kitty. Therefore, you want to do everything you can to keep your feline friend happy. If you are planning on keeping your cat indoor, you will find that it generally doesn’t take a whole lot to keep your cat feeling great. In fact, all you need to do is keep a few simple items on hand. Here’s a look at what you will need.

Litter Box

Purchasing a quality litter box will help keep both you and your cat happy. Not only does a littler box provide your cat with a comfortable place to go to the bathroom, purchasing a quality litter box will make it easier for you to keep the box and the surrounding area clean.

In order to keep odor down and to encourage your cat to use the litter box regularly, make certain to scoop the box clean every day. You should also change out all of the litter once per month and you may even want to consider replacing the entire litter box once or twice per year.


Cats instinctively want to stalk, pounce and play, so be certain to give your feline friend plenty of time for play. You may be surprised by the variety of different cat toys available on the market. Some of these include toys that roll, toys with catnip, toys on strings, toys with feathers and more. You might need to experiment a little with a variety of different toys in order to find the type of toys your cat likes the most.

Even after you find the perfect toy for your cat, you should still be certain to provide your cat with plenty of personal attention each day. Strive to spend at least 10 minutes with your cat every day in order to bond with your pet.

Scratching Posts

Some cats are perfectly happy without a scratching post, but most would prefer to have one – and having one inside can help prevent your cat from damaging your furniture and other indoor items. Even a cat that has been declawed will generally enjoy having a scratching post available. In order to encourage your cat to use the scratching post, be certain to place it in an area of your home where your cat enjoys spending time. If the scratching post is an eyesore, you can gradually move it to another area of the home.

A Window

Although your cat certainly appreciates the warmth and comfort of living indoors, it still enjoys looking at what is going on outside. So, be certain to provide your cat with opportunities for outdoor visual stimulation by creating a window bed or window seat where it can relax and watch what is going on outside. You can further increase your cat’s enjoyment by placing a bird feeder outside of the window so it can watch the birds as they come and go.

With all of these items, some good quality cat food and a whole lot of love, you will be certain to have a very happy feline who will remain your companion for years to come!

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