Types Of Happiness

There are different types of happiness that different people are experiencing. While there may not be an exact term for them I will call them kind of happy, pretty happy, and really happy people.

Kind of happy – These people are not completely miserable. They do complain about stuff and find that there are lots of trials and tribulations that they go through but they can see the positive side of things sometimes and they normally say things like “Well, at least this didn’t happen to me”.

They seek out and hang on to pleasures when they want to be happy like movies, games, and even drugs such as alcohol or cigarettes. These things make them happy and while engaging in these things they are at their happiest. They go through life in a routine type of way and are satisfied with what they do.

Many people find themselves kind of happy throughout their whole lives and are content with that type of emotion.

Pretty Happy – These people are engaged in life and their surroundings. These are the people that know what matters to them in life and have a sense of awareness and appreciation that other people do not.

They know where they are in life and where they are going and are staying on a positive vibration to get there. They say things like “How can I make this better?” in regards to their lives and relationships and they strive and usually succeed in making those results come true.

Really Happy – These people are living an extremely meaningful life. They know who they are, how they got there, and what they can offer for others and this world. And they do offer themselves to other people without question. They not only want their lives to be happy but they truly want others to succeed and be happy as well. They feel good about themselves and what they have accomplished at the end of the day and they look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

There are many people who do not fit into these categories and are living a life of not being happy at all. They do not see the bright side of their own life so they can’t make anyone else happy. They tend to engage in complaining and miserable banter and they make other people’s lives worse instead of better.

The goal that people should have in mind is to work your way up the ladder to become really happy but many people end up staying in kind of happy or pretty happy and find that they eventually just believe that this is it for them or that this is as good as it gets, and they stop trying to achieve complete happiness.

But once you start to realize that there is a better way of living and get a small taste of that then you will realize that complete happiness is a constant journey and something to strive for always – as life should be full of happiness and joy.

At the end of your life wouldn’t it be nice to go to bed knowing that you gave other people and this world all the happiness and joy you possibly could?

Kari is the owner of Manifest Connection, a self help website dedicated to helping your find your happiness.

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