The Secret to Writing Fabulous Articles

Writing articles is a great way of raising your credibility and being seen as an expert in your niche. Used correctly, article writing is a very effective way of reaching the right audience.  In fact, you can easily reach a global audience. Today, there are numerous article submission directories in existence where you can submit articles to get exposed to many web users in your niche.

Articles need to be written well to spark the interest of as many people as possible. If you already possess the necessary writing skills, then you can use it to your advantage. But if you’re still learning the ropes, here a few simple steps you can follow when writing an article.


The title or headline is the first part. This should be catchy but not too long. A maximum of eight words or so will do. Think of a title that is sure to catch the attention of your readers that when they read it, they will be inspired to read the next line and continue reading your entire article until the end.

Sometimes, using a sub-headline is effective. This  is written under the headline and usually gives a little more insight about the article.

Article Body

From there, you can proceed to writing the body of your article. To make this part effective in capturing attention, keep it between 300 to 500 words with three to five paragraphs. Remember that most people won’t immediately read the articles they see on a website, rather they will quickly scan it first before deciding to read through.

Your first paragraph is vital. This is the part where you include the what, where, when and why of your article. Make your paragraphs as interesting as possible to keep your readers reading.  Rather than include very long paragraphs, stick to two to three sentences for each paragraph.

The succeeding paragraphs should expand on your article topic. Explain further on other information that you’d like your readers to know relevant to your topic. Whether you’re sharing tips or stories, make sure to write as clearly as you can and in simple language.


Don’t forget your closing paragraph. This should provide a conclusion to what you’ve written. You can include recommendations here as well.

Once you’re done writing the article, take a short break before going through it again. You may find some spelling and grammatical errors that need correction that you missed on the first pass.  Proofreading is essential if you want your articles to be widely read and understood by your target market.

Writing your article to match the reading style of your target market is key to capturing attention. Write as if you are conversing with a friend.  Use simple English avoiding slang words and clichés. Your target market are more likely to read articles written in a light , informative and engaging manner.

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