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With economic crisis, it might be time to stand by and figure out how to save some money. It is time to make a priority list and make some cut backs on things that just aren’t worth it. For example: If you are having to waste spending money on a monthly gym membership because the fitness center at your apartment community isn’t very adequate, you may be doing it all wrong. And one of the things to go might be your gym membership. But this might just be a blessing in disguise. Joining a gym can burn a hole in your pocketbook.


 I want to make one thing absolutely clear from the start. Just because you decide to get rid of your gym membership, doesn’t mean you are giving up your goals of being fit, lean and athletically muscular. Your fitness, health and appearance should be priorities in your life, regardless of the economy.


I shouldn’t even have to make this point. But the fact is, there are a lot of gym members out there who feel that by just having the membership card in their wallet they are getting the benefits of the gym. These are the same people that can’t remember the last time they hit the gym. So, be honest with yourself, is your gym membership worth it?


Keeping Your Gym Membership Doesn’t Make Sense Economically


The truth is, many people join gyms with the greatest of intentions. They gladly pay the fees and monthly cost because (this time) they are going to get the results they want. But, it doesn’t take long before skipping the gym is not a sporatic even, but the norm.


As a matter of fact, I read somewhere that 90% of gym goers stop going after about 90 days. Now keep in mind, I said “stop going” not terminate their membership. The truth is, they keep paying even though they don’t go. And this is no time to be wasting money.


Frankly, Gyms Aren’t For Everybody


Some gym members find out the hard way that going to the gym is not for them. These are the people who want to improve fitness, lose fat and build a more attractive body, but dreaded joining the gym. They literally force themselves to join because they thought it was the only way to get the results they wanted.


The problem is, they don’t enjoy the gym. They feel self-conscious. They don’t like people watching them try to improve themselves. After all, they joined the gym because they were unhappy with the way they perform, feel and look. It doesn’t take much to get them to avoid going to the gym.


You Can Get A Better Workout Without A Gym Membership


Sadly, many gym members don’t realize they can reach their goals without joining a gym at all. They feel that joining the gym is the only way. It’s not! The truth is, most of the best workouts can be done at home with either no equipment at all, or very low cost equipment like dumbbells. All it takes is the desire to improve and a plan. That’s it.


Just think of it this way. Do you think 90% of gym members would quit after 90 days if they were getting the RESULTS they wanted? Of course not. The machine workouts and aerobics AREN’T working!


Giving up your gym membership doesn’t mean you are giving up the desire to exercise and be the best you can be. And don’t let the gym owners try to convince you otherwise. As a matter of fact, taking responsibility for your fitness, health and physique by working out at home greatly increases your ability to succeed. And in my opinion, it is a blessing in disguise.


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