The Eat Whatever You Want Calories Diet

Eat whatever you want calories based diet

Calories Based Diet

All the diet advice says dont eat this and that..

But a new diet plan called “‘If It Fits Your Macros’ says you can basically eat whatever you want and stay healthy.  The key to this diet is determining your daily max calorie intake allowance and staying within this limit.

Pizza, ice-cream, chocolate, drinks and anything else that you normally enjoy eating but keep a note of the calories in each food you eat.  Add them up and stay below you limit.

Could this really work?

We know there are people out there who really do eat anything and everything but still look so thin, they never seem to put on weight.  Maybe one factor for this could be that they are staying within their calorie limits.

You are still advised to make sure you eat enough of all the necessary food types like proteins, vitamins, water, fat and fibre to make sure you have a balanced diet.

Try it yourself and share with us your results!

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The Eat Whatever You Want Calories Diet
The Eat Whatever You Want Calories Diet lets you eat anything as long you stay below your daily calories allowance

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