The Difference between the Two Ruhr

When the Bundesliga with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop last half Shinji Kagawa Best left the group the next half Jijiangkaida before the owner is a point of view of Dortmund draw a big question mark, but above all the officers and men of more than 6 minutes by lightning Leverkusen, the second half to win the first battle after the question mark in the world, even greater will be the exclamation point. Championship last season, Bayern Munich and Schalke 04 are the years of disappointing debut. Especially in the Ruhr region with Schalke Why 18 points in the league no later than half of what is special? Capability to the war now up 46 points in 18 Bundesliga with the Football National Teams ranked ahead of second place in Hannover, scored 12 points. The almost 9 percent of the victory in Europe is in the class, it was observed that: So far, nine players from Dortmund boot and an average of more than 75 minutes looks, and have not finished the main campaign, more than half of the Schalke team and only 5 of 20 games or more players, the players seemed more negative two Jibei many. This stage of the league in the sprint, Felix Magath is not yet complete, will play midfield and even Tom, Juan Colorado, Rakitic, like chess pieces that the three have been transferred instead of going on horseback, good players advance a higher level of competition is not surprising. Magath has not been established core team, with the end of the defensive to the offensive player when the ball does not know who suffer. Most chances of victory in the back of the court Dajiaozhangzhuan in Bayern Football Shirt – no further progress various tactics.

Last weekend Phil Hastings’s supervisory board in the main stand Xituonisi Schalke looking livid, after the team lost its open house, said: “Schalke is little passion and blood stream.” Since the beginning of the season Curran of Iraq, and other important clues Wuestemann away, the roar just before the Neuer – raise the morale of the miners. 0-5, the team lost away game in Kaiserslautern, responsibility and pride filling the players no doubt. That is also inextricably linked to the relationship right Magath arbitrary character of the players on the team because of dissatisfaction with their mode of formation of the lamp Jones down reserves, as well as exceptional performance to clean. In such circumstances, this team was on the increase vitality will be less and less, will run internal forces of the endless fighting. But Dortmund, Shinji Kagawa, Subotic and Hu Myers got rich in the eyes of European meat and potatoes, but not as many officers and men of his special move. Myers made it clear before Hu said. “Even more specific with Bayern Munich to sign the swap is 2 instead of $ 800 million, do not want the Bayern back” strong sense of team honor, the pride of seeing clearly. All attacker class players do not complain because they can not get the starting position, healthy competition within the team with the Bayern Munchen Football Shirt, the atmosphere of unity, the team’s morale high help them soaring in the league.

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