Selling Digital Products Online

The Internet has fast becoming the busiest business in our world today. If you have a website, it can become a perfect showcase for people to obtain information about your company and products. By adding some interactive features such as mail forms, blogs, forums, etc, it can become an efficient way of communicating with your present clients, potential customers and an international marketplace where you can sell your products and services.

By selling products from your website, you can be free from the monthly high rental cost and work at home. That is the power of the Internet where it allows you to reach out to the world easily to advertise your products.

There are numerous ways of selling products online. You can use Shopping Cart, Paypal buttons or cgi forms. However, you have to ensure that you have a secured website so as to gain customer trust to buy your displayed products using their visa number online. Secured websites are the sites that use encryption features that protect customer credit card number from hackers.

On the other hand, you can use Paypal button to sell your digital products. Some digital products that you can sell online are graphics, songs files, movies files, software and e-books. Simply register as a Paypal member and create a Paypal button that will redirect to the digital download file once the customer pay via Paypal.

SmartURL is a software application that can generate special redirect cgi scripts providing temporary URL for digital files. Paypal button will link to one of these cgi scripts that will redirect buyer to download the digital file right after they have made payment via Paypal. Temporary URL will allow buyer to download the item once and not accessible again. SmartURL is easy to use and does not require any PHP coding or SDL database.

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