Friendship Is Rare

Friendship is the need of our life. We often read lots of friendship quotes and proverbs, but don’t follow rules of friendship. One of the most difficult aspects of women’s friendships is always the pressure of time. Ladies with a frantic home and working life to cope with rarely have enough ‘me time’ to share with a girlfriend.


Many men extremely bashful in the presence women, especially with girls they are meeting for the first time or in the presence of a woman they like. Ironically, The shyness is a trait that is not attractive to women because girls are attracted to confident men, not nervous wrecks.


Let’s face it; the media has a somewhat skewed view of what a lot of sororities are about. If you and your sorority don’t necessarily sleep with every boy on campus or throw a wild kegger every other weekend, that’s okaySitting outside in the warm afternoon sun with my eyes closed and listening to the bees buzzing in the lavender bush behind me, I had been trying to make sense of my loss of friendship.


Women are busy people, especially during National Women’s Friendship Month. Throughout the month women get together to celebrate friendship and the bond that exists among women from all walks of life.Relationships may come and go at anytime but, true friendship will remain despite trials and afflictions. It is a relationship based on trust, love, loyalty and respect.


It today’s world it is really hard to find a true friendship because people don’t interact much these days. We all find ourselves sitting at home or at work doing our things instead of going out.The main difference between funny cute quotes and jokes is the length. Most of the jokes are pretty long because this are like a short story.


As the friendship ended it felt like we had been in a knife fight. There were no winners and our scars were obvious. Some had opinions,Alright, back to the clutch. Once the clutch is initiated there is then a time differential. There can be the short quickie time or the long lingering (don’t want to ever let go).


If you are like me, friends are extremely important to you. Our lives are richer for them. I think of friends as angels who encourage and support us in our endeavors and we support them in theirs.  It is very necessary to understand your needs. We should not be confused all the time. Time is very important and once gone than never comes back.


Do you know that needy behaviours are a) pre-programmed into you and b) can be permanently deleted from your subconscious mind? Many high school and college students want to make friends with varsity players because of different reasons. For some students, they want to be a part of the varsity, while others just want to become popular and be a part of the ‘in’ crowd.


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