Kylie Minogue Covered Attitude Magazine

Kylie Minogue, the Pop Goddess, has graced the cover of Attitude- the best-selling gay magazine in Britain and also in the world. After a quite long time for the treatment of serious breast canner, Kylie Minogue has come back in a new shocking style. The brilliant Australian Pop singer cum actress has recently appeared in new photo shoots on the cover of Attitude Magazine impressing fans all over the world. At the age of 42, Kylie is recognized as the Ageless Beauty rather than Girl-next-door in the past. Below is the most stunning image collection of Kylie Minogue on Attitude Magazin


Kylie Minogue on the cover of Attitude Magazine


The Australian singer owns an irresistible angelic face and a attractive body shape


In spite of the age of 42, Kylie Minoguetill looks so sexy and young than ever


Kylie started her career as a Pop singer in 1987 and has shined since then with her memorial role in the Australian television show Neighbors


It’s incredible that this beautiful and talented woman had to suffer from breast cancer during 2005 and 2006


She is recognized to be one of the greatest stars and among Symbols of Sex of all time


The 42-year-old Pop singer was born on 28th May, 1968 in Australia


At the same time of featuring on the cover of UK magazine Attitude, her new album- Aphrodite will be released in US



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