Herbal Skin Care – The Ugly Truth Revealed

Have you ever wondered if the claims made for herbal skin care are actually true?

Is it possible that your herbal treatment for the skin is going to harm you? 

The truth is that the 50 billion dollars a year US cosmetics and personal care industry is one of the least regulated in the world.   Frankly, a lot of companies get away with misleading the public as to what is really in their herbal skin care products.

Did you know that Clairol Herbal Essences, the number one selling shampoo in the US, claims to give the user an ‘organic experience’?

Unfortunately, there is very little that is organic or plant based about the product as it contains over 12 petroleum based harmful synthetic ingredients!

It’s definitely a case of buyer beware before starting your herbal treatment for the skin. 

So why do people become interested in this subject in the first place?

There is a growing movement of people that now understand the benefits of safe and natural products.   Especially with the power of the Internet to disseminate information throughout the world, the real danger of synthetic skin care is becoming more known. 

So how do you avoid being misled by the big brand companies? 

The clever way is to check the label to see what is in the product. 

There are many harmful ingredients to avoid such as Acrylamide, Alcohols, Parabens, Toulene and Tricolosan. With prolonged use, they will dry and irritate the skin and can even lead to serious illness. 

While researching on the Internet, I discovered that there is a company in New Zealand that uses clinically proven plant based ingredients in its products.   These organic ingredients are tested on human volunteers (not animals).

Natural ingredients such as Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame have been proven to keep the skin healthy and young looking as part of a herbal skin care regime. 

So, armed with these facts you can now enjoy a genuine herbal treatment for the skin.

Lee Leader is a life long advocate of healthy living and researcher of herbal skin care.

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