Ideas For Fundraisers: Use Healthy Options

Ideas For Fundraisers: Use Healthy Options

Thinking or figuring out what ideas for fundraisers to use in your next campaigns may seem like a very light task. However, this is not absolutely true. As people say, thoughts become things. In other words, the ideas that you conceive in your mind will determine the results that you’ll be able to garner later on. If you think of lousy and boring concepts for your next fundraising campaigns, then you will most likely yearn lousy and boring results too.

You need to be creative when you’re thinking of what ideas for fundraisers to use. Aside from considering your own interests, it’s also a smart move to observe what people around you are interested in. Take note that interest is what drives people to pay attention to products or services. Based on current statistics, incidences of childhood obesity are now quickly rising. Contemplate on this for a moment. There you go. You just got a light bulb. You can use healthy fundraising ideas in your next campaigns. There are tons out there. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones, which you can take into consideration. Participant events are first among the best things you can try out. A lot of schools today have found out that events that involve fun exercises do a really good job in terms of raising revenue. In addition, this is a good medium for young kids to learn the importance of staying healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Good examples of participant events are rope jumping contests, walkathons, bike-a-thons, and fun runs. Kids love participating in activities with other kids so this will surely spell out success for you. In participant events, you can raise money by having kids get sponsorship pledges linked towards their performance. For instance, you can ask your kids to ask for a $ 5 donation for every single mile that they cover during a fun run.

The next good thing for you to try out is a nonfood products sale. As we all know, selling candy can already be considered prehistoric. If you really want to raise a lot of funds, you need to bring something new to the table so that you can catch the interest of people. Good examples of nonfood products that you can offer to people in your community are magazines, flowers, calendars, plants, kitchen accessories, candles, crafts, books, and gift wrap. All of these products have the same type of markups as most food products like cookie dough, doughnuts, and candy. Your key point in using these things as your products is that they can be considered as a much healthier option.

Now, I’m not trying to say that selling food is unhealthy option. There are also a good bunch of health products, which you can sell out during your next fundraising campaign. Examples of these food products would be spices, nuts, citrus fruits, bottled water, and granola bars.

Lastly, you can have a shot at service events such as dog washes, car washes, and community cleanups. These are both fun and profitable.

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