Hair Reviews of Top Brand Products

Hair reviews, like any other product, service, book or play review, is often in the eye of the beholder.

For hair products, however, using a panel of judges or getting real-world feedback from customers and users gives a broader range of opinions and experiences. Particularly, shampoos, conditioners and even styling appliances like flat irons or blow dryers, behave differently depending on hair type and the style you have or desire.

With that said, checking out the latest reviews can be very helpful before making your next purchase – especially if you are about to spend big bucks – like on one of the new advanced dryers, or if you need to solve a problem, such as oily hair, dermatitis, dryness or breaking. Taking a minute to see what a summary review can help a lot.

Additionally, hair reviews can often cut-through the marketing hype – and there’s plenty of it. While there are distinct differences in a product’s effectiveness, smell, and “what it was designed to do”, general run-of-the-mill or OTC (Over The Counter) products contain many of the same or similar ingredients.

The packaging, color, name and even the price all play a role in marketing or selling the product and often the true effectiveness is secondary. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors want brand loyalty, and though their product may be good or adequate, they use all the tools in their marketing 1010 toolbox to gain customers.

On the other hand, some products are unique – either in their design, formulation or for their particular success in treating, clearing or even curing particular hair or skin problems. These products are often developed with specific ingredients that are clinically proven to solve problems. Checking the reviews helps sift through and find the solutions best for you – particularly if they are new products and their reputation hasn’t yet developed.

Similar to Consumer Reports, hair reviews can get you the information you need on name brands like Vavoom, Redken or Nioxin, or on great niche’ manufacturers who have a long-list of dedicated followers and customers – like Nourish, ProFolla or HHP (HealthyHairPlus).

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