Deliver Sharp Image With Digital Photo Frame & Magazine Stand

Digital photo frames are a still relatively new category of electronics. Besides as a great way to relive peoples favorite memories, it has a host of business applications.

Whether you run a business, operate a store or are attending a tradeshow, you can display your marketing resources on a digital photo frame and catch your audiences eyes with vivid pictures, musical sounds, or even videos. This display tool will be much better than any other traditional marketing tools, like banners and stands.

But for marketing purpose, the screen of the digital photo frame needs to be much bigger than the normal 7 or 8 inch sizes. A leading online business communications products wholesaler — now offers a series of big-screen digital photo frames, the screen of which can rival those of the common flat-screen LCD TVs.

You can click the following link to have a look of it:

This is a 15 TFT photo frame doubling as a magazine rack. Its aluminum alloy frame is light enough to be moved around, yet heavy-duty enough to last for years.

Screen resolution makes a great difference to the quality of the image. This photo frames 1024×768 resolution will ensure a stunning picture quality. Its image control function can adjust how crisp, clear and colorful your pictures look, presenting you high-definition and sharper images.

You can even turn on its two stereo speakers and play videos on the TFT LCD screen. This way your marketing information can be delivered more forcefully and more effectively.

The screens aspect ratio is designed as 4:3. By default, most point-and-shoot digital cameras capture photos in 4:3. So a frame with an aspect ratio of 4:3 will be the best fit for your photos, as 15:9 frames will have to crop a piece of the top and bottom of your photos to fit the image on the LCD.

Its built-in memory is optional up to 4 GB. This allows you to store thousands of photos and a great amount of videos. Pictures are automatically resized for proper viewing.

Virtually all external memory card formats can be used with this digital photo frame, like SD, MMC, MS, and XD. Just insert your memory card or USB flash drive with your digital pictures and your slide show automatically begins.

The frames efficient power consumption and mercury-free display also make it easy on the environment and cost-effective.

Its music background function allows you to create photo slideshows set to your favorite MP3 music.

As an added feature, its body is designed as a magazine rack which can easily display magazines, brochures, pamphlets and much more.

Freestanding and versatile, it can be used just about anywhere, such as in a store, in an offices reception area, or at a tradeshow.

Sourced from top Chinese factories, these frames are sold at very attractive prices. They also can come in a range of sizes to fit the needs of any room, from 7 to 15. So start browsing now and find more surprising display products!

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