Being Happy – A Commonsense View

“Hello – how are you?” – the universal greeting – “How goes it?”

Lately I’ve been answering people “I’m happy – and you?” – “Lookin’ good and feelin’ fine – Man what about you?” (quote Taj Mahal)

After a puzzled silence the responses sound like this:

“Well I wouldn’t say exactly…No I’m not happy altogether no. Oh well could be worse, mustn’t grumble, can’t complain”…And then begins a story. From simple observation of how we and others behave, common sense shows that we are all unhappy in isolation AND happy when we think that somebody cares.

A new study shows that we all care – Even if we are individually unaware of giving a damn – in fact we are moved at some emotional level by the mood of our neighbors. A new 20 year study* gives new evidence:

“That if you are In a good mood neighbors, their friends and even their friends’ friends could be under your influence – you’re probably infecting them with your good humor”. (*James Fowler – University of California)

James Fowler also concluded:
“Happiness spreads through social networks about as easily as the flu”. He also added:
“An attack of the blues creates a much smaller ripple than a case of giddiness — A happy infection lasts an average of 12 month– The ripple of joy continues diffusing over all of society”.

Accordingly in Quantum Physics terms, happiness is manifested in energy that has a specific vibration or resonance. It can travel enormous distances.

The Link Between the Body’s Mind and Spirit
Emotional vibes can be felt in the body so the ethereal quality of for example, ethereal joy, meets the physical when experiencing a thrill – as Einstein put it – “The deep shudder of the soul in enchantment”

WE change our moods dependent on our thoughts and beliefs and it’s little to do with what the person said on the telephone – or Twitter.

Mind you do we need more studies to convince us? Big important corporate bodies spend large money keeping a natural balance between workers’ productivity and high morale. That’s because high morale is now known to produce better results.

Eckhart Tolle wrote a book on the ‘Pain Body’ that Oprah loved – next year he may even come up with a ‘Happy Body’ because there are serious benefits recorded throughout history that are being embraced by both science and religions nowadays. Resonating with the happiness vibration is good for the health and well being.

Happiness as an Expression
We explore through theories. Cheerful people may simply be friendlier or more helpful, spreading joy vibes in the process. Or it could be that being around happy people may be good for our health – both physical and mental.

“Even little things that we do for ourselves can pay off in a really big way, not only influencing the moods of those we know and love, but even those we don’t!” Fowler said.

I venture that we all know, knew already and will know that we influence others with our mood and thoughts. Now newly acclaimed knowledge, voiced by master thought leaders, show that we have all got the latent gift of mastery over our thoughts. AND beliefs.

Freud took years studying patients in analysis to find out it was possible to relieve the suffering caused when people subconsciously believe one thing but their lives express the very opposite. This division wrecks peace of mind. Since then tradition has it that psycho-therapy is a long haul of a process.

Now we know it can all happen in a moment of time – spontaneous healing (cancer people call it remission) and miraculous cures are getting exponentially more frequent.

Just as when we get a clear idea that there IS light, so the absence of it then becomes noticed. We can see that there are worlds beyond. Once having caught a glimpse of the light nothing is ever the same again.
Nor can it be the same as we transmit and receive resonances and vibrations we have just learned to measure.

The moment we know that we are the creator of our thoughts and beliefs something subtle happens. The mind, every watchful of our well-being and survival literally goes to work to clear away those subconscious cobwebs of processes as soon as it recognises them as ‘dis-ease’. Psycho-immunological is the new expression in circulation.

I know that it is easy to clear a belief for good in half an hour or less – I’ve done it using the simplest tool I found on the Internet. It worked. Being released from no end of sub processes I am happier – come what may (and it keeps coming) as a result. Can the standard 3 years to ‘work it all’ out be reduced to half an hour? Actually yes. And why not since we have absorbed a vast amount of new knowledge since Freud.

In relation to the light we can resonate (Rupert Sheldrake) and intend Lynne McTaggart) and direct (Gregg Braden) and master (Bruce Lipton) these resonances – to a extent we can barely yet comprehend. All this is helped by actually noticing how we behave (Leandro Herrara) who applies it to living our lives.

We will soon understand it though. I can just picture the world a few years on. It may feel odd, and there may be many an “aaarrrggghhh!!” along the way. When these feelings are naturally absorbed – often expressed in joy – a new sense of common sense observation happens.

And even then, returning like a boomerang, the question begs yet again – ‘What Now?” Maybe start by saying “I’m happy – full of joy”. Do you dare?

Being happy to get peace is an age old formula in the East. The Beatles’ guru Maharshi coined the phrase “Don’t worry – be happy”. Easier said than done? Not any more.

2009 may be viewed in the future as a catalytic moment in the corridors of time.

Jackie Mackay is currently organising a project to help the homeless.
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