Three Winter Meal Ideas That Are Hearty, Healthy And Will Cure Your Hunger Pangs

When the dark nights set in and the temperature drops, it’s somewhat of a natural human instinct to eat foods which are hot and plentiful to keep us warm and full of energy throughout the day.

As this can very often mean unhealthy foods, however, it leads many people to put on a lot of weight over the winter period.

If you’re wanting to ensure that you don’t pile on the pounds and do eat healthily whilst ensuring you’re full and warm during the day, take a look through the following three meal ideas, all of which are easy to prepare, will mean that you don’t have to take out a gym membership so you don’t feel guilty eating them and should fulfil your normal winter dietary needs.

1. Soup – arguably the easiest winter meal you’ll ever make, the great thing about soup is that aside from being simple and straightforward to make, there’s no set recipe, so you can create it to suit your tastes.

Start off by first peeling and slicing up some of your favourite vegetables – potatoes, leeks and onions all work well together – and place them in a pan. Throw in some salt and pepper and a bay leaf or two and then cover with boiling water mixed with a stock cube and top up with more water if need be to cover.

Let it simmer for around 30 minutes, take off the heat and then use a hand blender to blend the soup to the consistency you like, whether that’s thick and chunky, completely pureed or somewhere in between.

2. Tomato pasta – some people shy away from pasta dishes as they think that they’re particularly difficult to cook. This quick and simple tomato pasta dish isn’t only simple, though, but it can be made in bulk and frozen for use at a later date.

Start off by boiling some of your chosen pasta in slightly salted water. Whilst the pasta is boiling, put a tin or two of chopped tomatoes into a pan along with a diced onion, some basil and a little garlic.

Once the pasta has boiled, drain it and place in the pan with the tomato, onion, basil and garlic. Keep it on a low heat and stir for a few moments to ensure the pasta is fully coated. Take off the heat and then serve or allow to cool before freezing.

3. Fish and chips – a twist on the British classic, all you need here is your favourite fish, some sweet potatoes, peas, tomato, chilli and a little mint.

Start by washing the sweet potatoes and cutting into wedges. Place on a baking tray and put in the oven for around 20 minutes.

Take out a frying or griddle pan, lightly oil and place your fish in, cooking to the guidelines depending upon the fish that you’ve chosen.

Whilst these are cooking, add your peas into a pan and boil. Once cooked, add some chopped mint and place the lid on the pan until ready to serve.

One the fish has cooked, serve alongside the sweet potatoes and peas, with a little diced tomato and chilli dressing placed over the fish.

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