Meditation For Tmj And Braces

Did you know that there are a bunch of home remedies you can do in your free time if you have TMJ and braces? If you currently have both, then we can sympathize with how painful each affliction is. Both deliver the kind of pain that can make even sleeping difficult. Maybe you visited your dentist and this person felt confident that braces would help align your teeth so that you can bite down properly. A flawless bite helps relieve stress on your TMJ joint.

Let’s hope that your braces will improve the pain cause by TMJ disorder. Let’s also not forget that you’ll end up with an amazing smile once they come off. In the meantime, however, there’s no denying that you’re going to experience a lot of discomfort. Instead of stocking up on over-the-counter pain medication, why not try a few home remedies and see if you can’t attain some relief the natural way. Meditation and breathing exercises are two great ways to start feeling better. Let’s take a closer look at each of them right now.

Think of this scenario: you’re in the backyard raking some leaves when your suddenly feel your back lock up. What should you do? It’s important to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. It’s no different when dealing with TMJ and braces. You must remain calm and relaxed until the pain goes away.

Staying relaxed is a great way to attain pain relief. In order to achieve this, try meditating in your free time. Locate a peaceful place for you to wipe your mind clear of all thoughts. Next, focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths from far within your diaphragm. As you meditate and breath, this should put you in a relaxed place to decrease the amount of TMJ discomfort you’re dealing with.

Least we forget, here’s a little bonus exercise for you. Open your mouth and let your jaw hang as low as it can without experience discomfort. Shift your lower jaw to the right and hold for roughly 3-5 seconds. Now shift it back over to the left and hold. Return your jaw to the center before repeating the exercises. Give this a try for about 5 minutes to give your jaw a fantastic stretch.

Now that you’ve done one simple stretch, let’s do two more to fully relax your jaw:

1. Take your right pointer finger above and over your head and insert it carefully into your left ear. We know it might sound silly but please trust us. Now, relax your jaw and gently pull downwards towards the ground. After returning your head to its normal position, repeat this same action with your left pointer finger now in your right ear. Make sure to take deep breaths as your perform this exercise.

2. We can’t forget about the muscles in the back of your neck either. Align your shoulders with each other and take a few deep breaths. Tilt your head back as you continue to breath deeply from your diaphragm. Next, make a circular motion with your shoulders. Do one revolution for the inhale and one revolution for the exhale. Repeat this exercise about 5 times before returning your neck to its normal place.

Home remedies for TMJ are incredibly helpful when dealing with the pain that TMJ and braces cause. For just a few minutes each day, give them both a shot to start attaining relief right away.

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