Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a strategy or practice that is undertaken to make us at peace with ourselves, freeing us from worries, anxieties and depressions and among other benefits. There are various benefits associated with engaging in the practice of yoga activities, these ranges from physical, spiritual, mental, biochemical, among others.

 The people who engage in yoga activities are referred to as yogis, and the yogis attain the above benefits, majorly by the techniques which involves mainly exercises, breathing, relaxation and meditations techniques The practice of yoga helps in bringing about a sense of union between the body, the mind and the spirit.It helps us to attain the state of oneness and interdependence between the mind, the body and the spirit, thus helping us to actualize wholeness.

Physically, the practice of yoga helps our body to be stronger and more flexible; it also helps us to develop, build and strengthens the muscles. The exercises carried out involve majorly stretching of the muscles and the movement of the body from pose (posture) to pose. These exercises help us to control our weight, by burning of fats from the cells of the body.

The ability to focus on breathing, while carrying out various poses is of great importance in eliminating worries, stress, anxiety and depression. This is a very important aspect of yoga, it also helps us to be focus and increase our level of concentration when undertaking any given task or facing a challenge.

Yoga also helps spiritually, when we apply the meditation techniques, this helps us to be totally conscious of our body and feelings and to a great extent the world around us as whole. This brings about oneness and interdependency of the mind, body and spirit. The application of the meditation and breathing techniques, bring about calmness and peace within our mind and body. By so doing, we think less of our worries and troubles. Both applications also involve relaxation techniques.

Yoga, also offers biochemical benefits by reducing the total cholesterol, sodium and glucose content in the body and on the other hand it brings about an increase in the level of vitamin c content, thyroxin and hemoglobin content among others.

Health they say is wealth, to achieve a good health living through the practise of yoga, click here for an easy step to step guide in the practise of yoga.

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