Always Think Good Thoughts

The bible tells us to think good thoughts. If you follow these instructions I believe that your lifespan will increase. The majority of the trouble that we have in this life is because of ideas in our own minds. We feel that it is necessary to compete with others for status, prestige, wealth, beauty, and fame when the truth is that all of thee things will pass away. Lets look at Michael Jackson as an example. In the eyes of the world he appeared to have it all. People would faint when he came onstage. Women would scream and men would be jealous. He was not bad looking by any means although he wasnt satisfied with his natural looks. Now he has departed this life and left all of the fame and riches behind for others to fight over.

I really believe that when you learn to meditate on good things and think good thoughts the quality and length of your life will improve tremendously. Have you ever met a person or worked with a boss who was always in a bad mood. People would hate to see them coming because they would wreck a good atmosphere. You know the ones who would walk into a room and cause everyone in the room to leave. People who are miserable because they live a miserable life will transfer that spirit to others. This results in what I call a self fulfilling prophecy because they have to know that they are not liked by those around them. This results in them being more miserable and spreading even more of the misery to those that they come into contact with.

If you notice that people who have good relationships with those around them seem to be happy with their own lives. Happiness comes with high self esteem. When you know who you are you dont have to feel inadequate because you know your capabilities. One thing that we must remember is that all people have different capabilities in different areas so it doesnt matter if you cant sing and dance like Michael Jackson used to. There is something that you can do that he never would have been able to do on his best day.

One thing that I wrote about not very long ago is that the bible tells us to learn to forgive. Forgiveness is not for the sake of the person who offended you, it is for you. When you forgive it relieves you of the pressure and pain which you inflict on yourself. The bad feelings that you harbor cause your body to not function the way that it should. Prolonged stress results in lethargy, and physical illness. Choose not to dwell on the faults and flaws of others because we all have them. You dont do yourself or anyone else a bit of good when you do. Think about the good qualities that people have instead. If there is a person in your life who only spreads misery choose to give that person plenty of room by staying away from them. Learn how to divorce your mind of negative thoughts as soon as you recognize them. This will take a while to master but you have to keep working at it until you do.

Thinking bad thoughts about a person or situation will not remove that situation or make the relationship better anyway so why dwell on the negative.

Learn how to live a life which is free and liberated from negativity. True freedom begins in the mind. When your mind is liberated it doesnt matter what is going around you at all. When you are liberated people will be inclined to follow you. Riceland Enterprises> Riceland Enterprises

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