Healthy Eating For Children

Feeding children the right food can be very hard and make a parents life very difficult if you’re child is a fussy eater. You have to protect your children against all the food manufactures and the giant fast food industries out there. Children develop taste buds for sweet, salty and fatty foods very quickly and this means health problems later in life. By allowing our children to develop habits of eating junk foods, we are producing an entire generation that will have to live with the disastrous consequences.

Many of the children in the west are overfed yet undernourished. There is an alarming decline in the nutritional content of the food our children eat.

There are many health problems affecting children today such as asthma, eczema, allergies, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, M.E or chronic fatigue syndrome. But is no coincidence that there is a raise in these diseases in children with the steady decline in the quality and nutritional value of the food they eat. Mothers knew more about healthy eating 40 years ago than they know today.

But as parents we can fight back and do our best to make sure our children grow into well nourished adults. But you must start with them early and that is feeding them good home cooked food as often as possible. If you can, try to buy organic food as much as you can.

Most babies start weaning between four to six months. You can begin by giving them pureed solids. Begin with baby rice and go onto vegetables and fruits. Don’t add salt to babies foods. Try one new flavor a day. If some food is spat out, don’t give up because it can sometimes take many attempts before some babies accept a particular taste.

The pre-school years are important as they are your last chance before children are exposed to the world of mass catering. Slowly introduce more adventurous foods and try to establish proper eating habits.

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