Spirituality Beyond Meditation

Does meditation have any meaning at all? As human beings, can we really change by any means? Questions such as these have been purported for centuries and we must ask ourselves do they have any validity. Are we not just as barbaric and vicious as ever before? Time has not changed us at all. We continue to destroy ourselves and all others in various ways. So we must ask ourselves is there anything that can change us, profoundly.

In the East, meditation is a rather common technique of mental development that is now a common theme being purported in the West. It is considered to be a way in which one may understand oneself to end sorrow and bring peace within. But, looking at the lives of those who advocate the benefits of meditation, it is easy to wonder if this is all true. Are their lives any different from ours? So we must probe into it all to discover the truth of it.  
What is meditation? The definitive etymology pertains to the measuring of the mind as thought, emotion and fear. By definition one may call meditation the art of silencing the mind by the process of observing and listening to ones thoughts. In light of such a definition, we may wonder is this the actual meaning. Can such a thing be defined? 
Looking at all the World Religions from the East to the West, one may see that meditation as we know it has no meaning. There is nothing sacred or holy about such a thing that obviously has led us nowhere. Both the Ancient and the New Age Thinkers have all at one level or another proposed the idea of meditation as a necessary discipline to bring about spiritual awakening. So we are questioning the truth or falseness of such a thing. Have we awakened or evolved into compassionate, loving human beings or are we still just as violent and corrupt as ever? With a deep honesty, we must ask ourselves such questions or else we will never know. And we can see that there is no one for us to depend on. There is no one to answer or solve our deep rooted problems.
Looking at all those who are into this thing called meditation, we can see into their lives that meditation does not have any meaning on a deep level. In what ways are their lives fundamentally different from those who do not practice meditation? They may sit as if they are calm, peaceful and serene but in a given moment they are quick to anger, wrath and war. 
Through such meditative technique we have managed to deceive ourselves right to the core of our being. In this meditation, there is the continuity of what we are, disguised as something sacred. By our means we discover our end is the same old thing. Such meditation as we are practicing has an end in mind. A desired outcome to be peaceful and non-violent. A projection of ourselves being reflected back at us. Being trapped in the psychological we entertain the belief that we are doing something spiritual that is going to be the opposite of what we are. And so, the world as we know it with all its hate, bitterness and sorrow continues within us. 
Through various means of meditation and suppression, we manage to create an air of indifference while all the time we are just as worldly as our fellow man. And so, the very seeing of the false of all such meditative practice brings it to an end. Like a moth to the flame, the light of truth burns away all that is false. When at once we see that such practice leads nowhere, it must come to an end, inevitably.
As long as we are utilizing any particular form or style of meditation, obviously that is not meditation. That is a thing of the mind and the no-mind. A continuation of thought and delusion. It leads us to our own expectations of grandeur. An illusion of our desires The thought that we are doing something that others have told us will bring us peace, has failed.  Because the fact is we are not peaceful.  So the ego continues with the illusion that it is evolving into something grand. In such meditation, there is the sense that one is doing something life-changing. While in the meantime, we remain the same. Which means it is a thing of the mind and therefore nothing special or unique.
So we may question the truth or falseness of such meditation. Does it actually have any meaning or is it just another escape in which we have found to deceive ourselves and others? So one can see there is nothing spiritual about it. Spirituality transcends the mind and all its ideations. Such meditation as we know it is mere mental contemplation that leads nowhere but along the same old patterns of those before us. 
So we must wonder, is there a way to actually be free of it all. Is there a meditation that is not put together by the mind and its projections? Meditation has to be something completely and wholly different from all this. Something that the mind did not formulate or put together. A mind that is imprisoned can not bring freedom. Only that which is beyond the mind can bring such freedom. So we must wholeheartedly question the idea of meditation. With all its entrapments of psychological development and limitation. Through such meditation one may bring about certain psychic abilities that are still only a thing of the mind. The no-mind is the quietude formed by the mind when it is still by force and effort. Such silence is formed and carved by the mind. All such meditation is the continuity of greed and desire. This desire is the ego contemplating something it imagines will bring greater pleasure instead of joy. 
Spiritual meditation brings you to this silence that is formless. We must learn to listen and observe the workings of our mind so that we may be free of it, completely. Only then will this stillness that is without effort comes into our being. This stillness beyond the mind brings about a silence that is free, unperturbed and not created by mind. This sacred presence is the unborn. It is this spiritual meditation that awakens and transcends the mind and all its deceptions. This meditation is without effort. It is this spiritual meditation that comes into being, effortlessly.  Not by any means or methods formulated by the mind as ego. Spiritual meditation is the medicine that heals all our fundamental problems. 
As human beings, we long for happiness completely devoid of any form of pain or suffering.  And such thoughts are a figment of our deluded imagination. So we never discover the real. This clinging to desire and longing for false projections of the mind keeps us trapped. Only when we let go of all falsifications and projections will we awaken to this eternal silence within. This silent presence can not be touched by our contemplative thoughts, superficial meditation techniques or clever imaginations. Through spiritual meditation, we enter a living death and open ourselves to the grace of this intelligence beyond the mind which comes when we least expect it. This intelligence is pure bliss devoid of all sorrow. It is this glorious peace within, free of mind as thought that is beyond all things. It is this living love that is the glory of all life.  

I am Adonis Alexander and I am a living Spiritual Teacher and Author who resides in the United States.

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