An introduction to Zumba


An Introduction to Zumba

The newest alternative form of group exercise in the United States is the new Latin aerobic dance craze, Zumba. Beto Perez was inspired to improvise the non-aerobic Latin music into the aerobic dance classes he taught in 1990 in Columbia. He used some of his own favorite music cds. Perez later moved to the United States in 1999. There he joined with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion to market his new Zumba fitness workouts through demo classes, videos, dvds and infomercials worldwide by 2007. According to the most recent positive news reports and increased sales they have accomplished a successful marketing strategy.

People of all ages and walks of life are getting enthused by this creative combination of Latin merengue, salsa and samba dance moves mixed with aerobic exercise. There are currently two levels of classes available:

1) Basic Zumba classes teach new instructors the basic Zumba steps during a workshop. After completion of the one or two day workshop, instructors are then certified to teach and choreograph different variations of the basic Zumba dance moves in their classes.

2) Zumba Gold classes are for the older, less active adult with special attention to balance issues, joint issues and safety issues. A Zumba chair workout is also available. Instructors who earn this certificate through Zumba Gold workshops are restricted to teach only Zumba Gold classes.

The proper attire to wear to attend Zumba classes are loose fitting workout clothes. The right shoes are the ones that fit your feet best according to your body type and own personal dancing style. Be sure they are well cushioned and allow side to side movement freely as well as have low traction for easy pivoting during the class.

Zumba aerobic dance classes have spread to health clubs, community centers and even to some corporations. There are no wrong dance moves according to some fans of this new dance aerobics. It is whatever is fun for you as you enjoy the Latin music. Some health spas have incorporated Zumba dance with water aerobics using the support of the water to lessen the impact on joints. The amount of calories burned varies greatly (500-800 calories) according to how much effort and the intensity level of your instructor during a one hour class.

There is an official Zumba website,, you can go to find more information about Zumba classes. The website is equipped with a Zumba class finder within any given mileage distance of any city and state or zip code you key in. The location, day and time of class make it easy to find classes to fit anyone’s busy schedule.

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