Travelling Meditation

Travelling on the Northern Line into the City is possibly one of the most stressful commutes one could have.  But, using meditation, I often made my journey so positive and joyful that I was sad to get off the train.  You can use many other meditations here, most of them, even a gong meditation if you have an iPod would be fine.  But there is a little extra “trick” to improving any meditation you undertake while travelling.  Some people say that you shouldn’t meditate while driving, however a little gentle mental exercise can be very helpful if you are stuck in traffic or having trouble with another road user (although don’t close your eyes!)


Breathe in gently through your nose and out through the mouth.


Focus on the people around you.  The tube or bus passengers or the other drivers.  Feel how you are all united in your shared objective, that you are all on the same journey, that you are all in this together.  Relax, knowing that despite the seeming competition, who gets off the train first, or who goes first at the lights, you are all travelling together, and a few minutes don’t really matter in the big scheme of things.


Relax and let go, enjoying the calm and peace.


You can choose to feel the energy of the people on your journey, feel all of their hopes and fears.  Send them love, and breathe in their love and energy.


You can choose to look at the people around you, each one and repeat silently “I love you” to each one.


You can choose to relax and let them go first, smile as you say “After you”, share your calmness and peace.  You could even choose to stand up and let someone else take your seat, enjoying the gift you are able to give.


If you feel that someone is pushing or trying to jump ahead of you, let them, maybe they do need to be somewhere faster.  If there is nowhere for you to go, turn and look them in the eye and just say calmly “Sorry, but we have to wait for the people in front to get off.” with a smile.


Enjoy your journey, knowing that you are not racing against everyone else, but travelling together.


As you leave the train, or as others leave, silently send your fellow passengers love and wish them a great day.


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