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The concept is fresh, and while you may have heard of people talking about what type of music they listen to while lifting weights, this is the first time that music has been specifically and strategically created for listening to while lifting weights.

As a person who loves to go to the gym and throw around big weights myself, I have been frustrated many times with the poor choice of music being played by the “gym dj” at my local workout gym. Sure, there have been plenty of workout music releases over the years as people have learned the benefits that music can have on your workout, but the problem is that these workout songs are usually more oriented for cardio or step aerobics.

I had not really heard of a specific genre of weight lifting music, so I decided to use my skills as a music composer and create it.

This was because I and my friends did notice a difference in our focus and strength when we listened to certain types of music while lifting weights. So as I began developing a genre of weight lifting music, I tried to keep in mind the elements that caused certain types of music to improve our strength, focus, and motivation in the gym.

Standard workout music works well for aerobics, cardio, and dance aerobics. It is fast paced, and has a “happy” vibe to it.

But when you are trying to get in the mindset to pick up and push heavy weights, I find that it is better to be in an aggressive state of being ready to rip someone’s head off. You can channel this energy into pushing the big weights, and spend all the energy that you did not even realize you had.

My goal was to make weight lifting music that could be effective whether it had words to it or not.

Have you ever noticed the type of music that plays in certain movies such as Rocky, or a movie where the underdog has to gain the courage and motivation to overcome the most extreme challenge?

The most notable parts of these music scores are effective whether they have lyrics or are purely instrumental.

So I felt that weight lifting music should get your blood pumping and give you an adrenaline rush. It has been proven that when a normal human being has adrenaline running through their veins, they can accomplish amazing feats of strength that they otherwise would not be able to accomplish under normal circumstances.

Adrenaline can be inspired through emotions, and emotions can be inspired and affected by music. So for weight lifting music to really be effective, it should be created in a way that inspires the emotions to signal the brain to produce adrenaline.

This is the ‘background theory’ to my approach of creating this workout music made specifically for listening to while lifting weights.

By the time you finish your workout, you will most likely have spent all of your energy, and will be ready to go home and get in the bed. If I can get you to put up more weight and be ready for bed after your workout, then my weight lifting music has done its job.

I am still tweaking and developing this, so I invite everyone to test it out and see just how effective this can be. If standard workout music can work for aerobics classes, then weight lifting music should be effective in helping you make your next workout your best workout.

Visit MusicForMuscles.com and download 100% pure, adrenaline pumping weight lifting music made specifically to take your next muscle building workout to the max. Test it out and let me know just how great your next weight lifting workout is! Weight Lifting Music by MusicForMuscles.com was created by Aaron B, also known as Aaron B the Composer.

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