Keep This Practice For When Your Self Esteem Seeks Joyful Invincibility

These moods or down time emotional slumps do come and go more for some than others but everyone does have the capacity to release these anchors of ‘negative’ emotions. On the emotional scale of self esteem, a feeling of joyful invincibility is the higher more productive emotion for effective results. This is where your complete self, your divine self as I like to refer to it and your invented identity self are closely harmonizing with one another. Conflict between the two is absent.

Any time you are not experiencing happiness and joy as an emotional state of being, there is simply a conflict being called forth between your divine self and your identity self. There is nothing to do to have your divine self improve its state as it remains perfectly whole and complete. It is you without flaw, unlimited and purely loving. It sees and knows you as just that and all others as well. Its vibration floats in the domain of freedom, joy and bliss.

Your invented self on the other hand has the freedom to choose to focus on all aspects of the emotional scale and sometimes it locks on to, so to speak, ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings. It focuses on the appearance of things and resists those which do not feel good. It pushes against that which it is giving attention to. All that attention focused on our less than happy and joyful self and all those limiting and restrictive feelings and emotions cause us to get lost in a mood which wears on us until we slowly inch our way back up the scale.

When you are down and desire a quick jump start back into happiness and joy you need to know two things. One, you must create the experience of ‘willingness’. There requires a willingness to move yourself to a higher state of being and to release the emotions you are experiencing. If you are not, see if you are willing to be willing to experience happiness and joy.

The second thing to know is that you are a grateful and appreciative being. Once ready you can list two items pertaining to your thought menu of the day. Your thought menu is what I call the 70 thousand thoughts psychologists say the average person has during a given day. Whatever the actual number is irrelevant, there is something more startling, knowing that the average person thinks about 90 to 95% of the same thoughts they did today that they thought yesterday!

Pick two items you consider the nucleus of a domain of thought where there is a low emotional state. Then pick two you have a much better feeling about. Perhaps you have been thinking negatively about the state of the economy or the leaky faucet you must tend to. The happier thoughts may be about your child’s baseball game or the plans your spouse has for your birthday this weekend. Or your thoughts may all be about you, or the people you do or do not feel good about.

Whatever these are, fully and completely state as many things as you can about what you have an appreciation for and are grateful for associated with each of these four items alternating back and forth. Don’t look for the significant; begin with whatever is there, however small it might be. It doesn’t matter in fact. Be wildly generous in your looking for as many things as you can. If you can not state or write down 10 -20 things for each you might want to ask yourself if you are willing to.

This process is a thought process that you can do as you go about the balance of your day. There is no set amount of time and if you take time out to do it that’s fine too. But be sure to really get in touch with those things you have an appreciation for and that you are grateful for associated with the items you identified. Sometimes you’ll find emotions that you just seem to not want to let go of, see if you are willing to experience yourself releasing them through an imaginary window in your chest. Be happy, be joyful, and seek your joyful invincibility.

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