Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Glamour magazine

Glamour is a famous magazine for young women who are keen on fashion, beauty and a contemporary lifestyle. Like other successful magazines, Glamour chooses celebrities to appear on their cover. Lately, the hot 41-year-old mother Jennifer Lopez has appeared gracefully on the cover of Glamour magazine’s September 2010 issue, which will be on newsstands on August 10th. Besides her latest images, Jennifer shares her feeling about the motherhood, marriage and the sexy style in the upcoming issue.


On overcoming doubt and having faith in herself

Jennifer always thinks herself that she can do what she wants. Don’t doubt yourself because it is a dangerous killer. Besides, you must know who you are and what you stand for. It is meaningless if you lack confidence in yourself without consultants or partners when the dark comes.


Jennifer always thinks herself that she can do what she wants


On Jennifer Lopez’s real life

Jennifer Lopez likes some fantasy and imagination in her own life. She enjoys putting on beautiful dresses instead of make-up.


On Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a passionate man to Jennifer and a good father to their kids. He can do everything as long as kids feel happy. Both Marc and Lopez love eating Chinese foods.


On why there’s a question mark in her new album title, “Love?”

In Jennifer Lopez’s opinion, love is a question that never has a perfect answer. It is rather complicated and contradicting. She has still been learning about love for ages in spite of experiencing different relationships.


Jennifer Lopez also told that when she was young, she worked very hard and did not want to be interrupted. During the school years, Lopez was an industrious and good student.


On her wishes of the past

Not regretting what happened, she feels herself lucky enough not to say “I wish this didn’t happen” despite ups and downs. In addition, Lopez claimed there was no secret to hide from Max and Emme.

Lopez knows that her mother used to suffer from the little daughter’s trouble.


Lopez will stand beside Emme and support her.

In Jennifer Lopez’s opinion, love is a question that never has a perfect answer



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