A Little Bit About Multi Media

To start with it would probably be best to give the definition of what multi media is before going much further. It is exactly what it sounds like it is, something that uses multiple forms of media in its presentation. For those still confused because they are not sure what media is, there is an answer to that too? The definition here is simple, materials used by artists. It isn’t all that complicated, but it can be more things than someone might ever think of.

Multi media can mean a lot of things. There are several forms of media including, but not limited to, pictures, video, and print. Again, the definition is the materials that artists use, so there are a lot of possibilities depending on the artist. There are even good deals of artists who use metal in their artworks now. This is something that uses more than one of the different forms to create something. There are a great many artists that produce their art by using more than one form.

A great example is websites. These fit perfectly into what is being discussed because most of them have some kind of print to them that tells us about a company or product or service of some kind, but they usually also have photos of products, videos about their services or company, or interactive games that are able to be played. These are a perfect example of multi media. The creation of a website is artwork in the web environment, and when the site uses multiple different ways to express its message to clients, and then it falls within the category here.

Another example that might be a little less thought of in this time are circulated print such as newspapers or magazines. Newspapers would have been one of the first forms of multi media, and that would have started not too long after the camera became readily available. These are both forms as well. They use print for those who buy them to read, but they also use images to help in the process of telling the stories that are published there.

There are many businesses that use a form of this in a lot of the presentations that they put together. PowerPoint presentations also qualify as a version of this. They generally use print to convey information, but they also use images such as pictures or graphs to show what the information that they are presenting is about. The advertising that is done on television also usually all falls into this category.

The truth of the matter is that multi media is all around us. It has been around for a long while, and seems that it is only going to get better and more detailed rather than showing any signs of stopping soon. The next time you are out driving or walking around take a look around you. Where do you see it?

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